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May 15, 2017

Kristen + Adam | A Downtown Spartanburg Engagement

They met online – like Ben and I did!  But they’ve definitely found a partner in each other to adventure with.  They’ve taken several trips to visit his family and to explore our nations capital.  Kristen will tell you that she can’t pinpoint the exact moment she knew that Adam was the one, but when they were venturing around D.C., she knew that she wouldn’t want to be there with anyone else!

On one of these trips to Buffalo to see Adam’s family in December, they decided to go see Niagara Falls since they were so close.  While they were admiring the view, they saw a couple getting engaged!  Kristen offered to take their photo and without her knowing, Adam was holding up the ring to show them he was about to pop the question too!  After walking a little ways away, Adam was able to distract her long enough to pull the ring out again and get down on one knee.

We met in downtown Spartanburg for their engagement session and it was a perfect day!  The weather was just starting to get warm but it was beautiful and we all had a blast wandering and chatting and letting these two snuggle :-)

Enjoy some of my favorites!  You’ll see these two on the blog again in December after their big day!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-101 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-102 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-103 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-104 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-105 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-106

Kristen’s ring is beautiful!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-107 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-108 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-109 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-110

I love it when the groom can make his future bride’s eyes light up :-)

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-111 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-112 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-113 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-114 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-115 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-116

Thank you, downtown Spartanburg, for these yellow planters that perfectly coordinated with my couple!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-117 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-118 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-119

Spartanburg has grown up quite a bit since I was growing up there!  And that’s definitely a good thing!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-120 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-121 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-122

The second half of their session was close to where they had their second date… playing trivia!  They’ve been back almost every week since that second date so it only made sense we finished their session there!


And by the way… these photos are outside of an Ace Hardware!  Gah!  Who knew Ace Hardware could be so pretty??

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-124 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-125 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-126 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-127 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-128 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-129

So pretty, Kristen!!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-130 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-131 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-132

Our last several shots were actually inside :-)
How many people have photos like this from one of their date spots (other than selfies, I mean!)??

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-133 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-134

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