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June 17, 2014

Lauren + Joe | A Georgia Farm Wedding

This wedding could not have been anymore like Lauren and Joe… what they mostly wanted was to pledge their lives and love to each other under “their tree” and to celebrate with friends and family.  Everything else that happened that day was simply icing on the cupcake.

Lauren and her girls welcomed Ben and myself in like we’d all been friends for ages!  Granted, I knew Lauren and a couple of the girls from high school but they’d never met Ben before… but that didn’t matter.  Everyone was family!  But that honestly just speaks to who Lauren and Joe are.  He may seem rough around the edges, but he loves Lauren to pieces and treated Ben and me like we’d been a part of his family’s life for years.  These two are genuine, down to earth, love you with every real and true bone in their body kind of people.  And as we met their friends and family, they all confirmed just that.  Everyone was so excited for these two and you could easily see it in their faces, through their tears of joy, and their cheers of happiness.

Lauren and Joe, thank you both for trusting us with your wedding day.  The weather and location could NOT have been more perfect!!  Everything was just beautiful and I’m so excited for you guys to start this part of your journey together… as husband and wife.


Joe’s wedding gift to Lauren was an extra wedding band… but he didn’t give it to her until after the ceremony.
But we were able to sneak in a few secret photos of it while she was getting ready!


Family is so important to Lauren, so to have an antique family chair, a photo of her Grandsie and a mirror belonging to her other grandmother was so special.

georgia-farm-wedding-104 georgia-farm-wedding-105 georgia-farm-wedding-106 georgia-farm-wedding-107 georgia-farm-wedding-108

So beautiful!!

georgia-farm-wedding-109 georgia-farm-wedding-110 georgia-farm-wedding-111 georgia-farm-wedding-112 georgia-farm-wedding-113

This field is RIGHT next to their house… they’re surrounded by so much beautiful land!

georgia-farm-wedding-114 georgia-farm-wedding-115 georgia-farm-wedding-116 georgia-farm-wedding-117 georgia-farm-wedding-118 georgia-farm-wedding-119 georgia-farm-wedding-120

We met the guys before the ceremony under the tree and they brought their game (model) faces from the start!

georgia-farm-wedding-121 georgia-farm-wedding-122

Lauren must have told me half a dozen times before the wedding that Joe was going to be SO handsome on their wedding day.
And once she saw him, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him!

georgia-farm-wedding-123 georgia-farm-wedding-124 georgia-farm-wedding-125 georgia-farm-wedding-126 georgia-farm-wedding-127 georgia-farm-wedding-128

I told you it was perfect!!

georgia-farm-wedding-129 georgia-farm-wedding-130 georgia-farm-wedding-131 georgia-farm-wedding-132 georgia-farm-wedding-133 georgia-farm-wedding-134 georgia-farm-wedding-135 georgia-farm-wedding-136 georgia-farm-wedding-137 georgia-farm-wedding-139

Seriously, so so beautiful!

georgia-farm-wedding-140 georgia-farm-wedding-141



After they walked down the aisle, we hopped into Joe’s truck to take some portraits by the lake… but first, he wanted to give her his gift.

georgia-farm-wedding-143 georgia-farm-wedding-144 georgia-farm-wedding-145 georgia-farm-wedding-146

I just love this one!!

georgia-farm-wedding-147 georgia-farm-wedding-148 georgia-farm-wedding-149 georgia-farm-wedding-150 georgia-farm-wedding-151

But oh my goodness, this one is so them and so perfect!

georgia-farm-wedding-152 georgia-farm-wedding-153 georgia-farm-wedding-154 georgia-farm-wedding-155 georgia-farm-wedding-156 georgia-farm-wedding-157 georgia-farm-wedding-158

I love when Ben gets detail shots like this…!

georgia-farm-wedding-159 georgia-farm-wedding-160 georgia-farm-wedding-161 georgia-farm-wedding-162 georgia-farm-wedding-163 georgia-farm-wedding-164

Their parent dances were SO sweet!

georgia-farm-wedding-165 georgia-farm-wedding-166

Yes, the cupcakes were as delicious as they look!

georgia-farm-wedding-167 georgia-farm-wedding-168 georgia-farm-wedding-169 georgia-farm-wedding-170 georgia-farm-wedding-171 georgia-farm-wedding-172 georgia-farm-wedding-173 georgia-farm-wedding-174 georgia-farm-wedding-175 georgia-farm-wedding-176 georgia-farm-wedding-177 georgia-farm-wedding-178 georgia-farm-wedding-179

Congrats again, you two!!


Ceremony | Wansley Farm
Reception | Moose Lodge of Lavonia
Wedding Dress | Magnolia’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Attire | Men’s Warehouse
Hair & Makeup | Celeste Hensley
Ceremony Musician | Mitch Parks
Reception Entertainment | John Johnson
Florals | Lauren’s mom, Marnie Smith, with family & friends
Wedding Invitations | Kathy Brooks
Cupcakes | Gigi’s Cupcakes
Catering | family friend

  1. Charlotte Jennings says:

    Aww, I love this wedding!!! Especially the field and hay bales!!! Great job!

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