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March 29, 2018

Leo | At-Home Newborn Session

This family… I don’t know what to say other than I have LOVED having them in front of my camera so many times since last fall.  And getting to see them at home with their sweet little Leo was almost more than my heart could handle.

Being parents for the first time is no easy task but being able to watch these two love and respect each other in the midst of sleep deprivation and a crying baby literally warmed my heart.  I know it won’t always be easy (trust me, we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old at home!), but I think these two will be just fine :-)


I love how he’s all smiles and then unsure of daddy snuggling with mommy :-)

at-home-newborn-photos-102 at-home-newborn-photos-103 at-home-newborn-photos-104 at-home-newborn-photos-105

Jill, you are so adorable, and you’re such a beautiful mama!

at-home-newborn-photos-106 at-home-newborn-photos-107 at-home-newborn-photos-108 at-home-newborn-photos-109

I can only imagine the number of stories told here, the squeals of laughter and the moments that will be shared in this spot.

at-home-newborn-photos-110 at-home-newborn-photos-111 at-home-newborn-photos-112 at-home-newborn-photos-113 at-home-newborn-photos-114

Will, you are a complete natural!

at-home-newborn-photos-115 at-home-newborn-photos-116 at-home-newborn-photos-117 at-home-newborn-photos-118 at-home-newborn-photos-119 at-home-newborn-photos-120 at-home-newborn-photos-121 at-home-newborn-photos-122 at-home-newborn-photos-123 at-home-newborn-photos-124 at-home-newborn-photos-125 at-home-newborn-photos-126 at-home-newborn-photos-127 at-home-newborn-photos-128 at-home-newborn-photos-129 at-home-newborn-photos-130

If you enjoyed this session, I am offering a limited number of at-home newborn sessions in 2018.
Please feel free to check out the collections HERE!

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