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May 25, 2017

Megan + Josh | A Lion’s Gate Manor Wedding

Even though they’d known each other since high school – they went to prom together twice! – they’d gone their separate ways for a while before reconnecting several years after college.  But this time, it was right.  Megan and Josh were meant to be together and now they get to start their forever side by side.

They were both a little nervous.  But once they saw each other at their First Look and were able to hug and talk for a few minutes, they were ready for the day!  And what a day it was… Lion’s Gate Manor is tucked away in the woods behind a gorgeous home and it truly felt like we’d stepped into a fairy tale for the afternoon.

Friends and family surrounded them the entire day, but it was each of their little girls who loved on Megan and Josh the most.  I’m pretty sure they actually stole the show with their cuteness and loving hugs for each other.  After all, they became sisters on Saturday!

Megan and Josh, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  It was so beautiful and I hope you enjoy a look back on your first day as husband and wife!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-101 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-102 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-103 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-104 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-105 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-106 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-107 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-108 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-109 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-110

Such a sweet first look!!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-111 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-112 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-113 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-114 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-115 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-116 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-117

Every part of this house was gorgeous… the front where Megan and Josh had their first look, inside, and the backyard!
There really wasn’t a bad place for photos anywhere!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-118 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-119 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-120 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-121 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-122 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-123 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-124 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-125

The bridesmaids were gorgeous, but these flower girls were precious!


I loved the navy and khakis… especially with all of the green as a backdrop!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-127 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-128 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-129

Oh my gosh, how adorable is this family photo??

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-130 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-131 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-132 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-133 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-134 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-135 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-136 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-137 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-138 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-139 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-140 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-141 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-142 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-143 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-144

I say a prayer before every wedding… for the bride and groom, for my own energy to last the entire day, for my equipment to work and that God would allow me to capture sweet moments as the day unfolds.  This photo of Megan coming down for the ceremony was one of those moments I prayed for!  She was such a stunning bride and I love this image.  It happened so quickly but now it’s frozen in time.

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-145 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-146 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-147 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-148 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-150 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-151 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-152

This little grove on the other side of the ceremony location was like a DREAM!!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-153 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-154 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-155

I honestly could have stayed down here for ages…

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-156 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-157 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-158

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-159 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-160 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-161 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-162 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-163 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-164 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-165 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-166 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-167

Look at the smiles on their faces!!  I love this :-)

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-168 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-169 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-170

Look how beautiful this backyard is!!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-171 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-172 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-173 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-174

Megan’s parents and her grandparents out on the dance floor – two of the MANY cute couples at the wedding!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-175 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-176

Ceremony & Reception | Lion’s Gate Manor
Wedding Coordinator | Vicky Long
Wedding Dress | The Castle, Mori Lee
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Suits | Thomas & Sons
Hair & Makeup | Pink, The Beauty Boutique
Florals | Shawna Cothran and Phyllis Atkins (bride’s mother & grandmother)
Wedding Invitations | Vista Print
Minister | Rodney Graham
DJ | Ken Mayfield
Videography | Barry Burnett
Cake | Lee Ann Turner
Catering | Tim Holmes Catering

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