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Monday Musings

August 21, 2017

Monday Musings | Moana and The Solar Eclipse

Please tell me that we are not the only household that has watched and listened to the soundtrack of Disney’s “Moana” at least 6 million times already.  I now understand what my parents went through as I watched and then proceeded to memorize all the songs from The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast when they came out… sorry, mom :-)

We were in Isle of Palms last weekend and I caught this photo of Catherine looking out at the water.  It was amazing because she stood still for more than 30 seconds, which is a feat for any 2 year old! I’d like to think she was just in awe of God’s creation, while the win whipped through her hair… but I’m pretty sure she was looking out at the ocean with a song from Moana going through her head.


Since getting back from the coast, there’s been 1 thing we’ve heard about over and over… In case you’ve been under a rock for a while (which, after having a baby, I can completely understand how this can sometimes happen!), there is going to be a total solar eclipse today.  For about 2+ minutes, the sun will be fully hidden behind the moon and because of where we live in South Carolina, we’re going to have a perfect view.

A few reasons I’m not thrilled about this:

  • I’m going to play the lottery and push nap time back by an hour or more and hope my 2 year old will just sleep through the whole thing (because really, a 2 year old keeping eclipse glasses on for any amount of time is slip to none).
  • Pushing nap time back is really risky because she may end up not sleeping at all (please, Lord, let her sleep!)
  • The whole ordeal with the counterfeit eclipse glasses is just mean.  I understand needing to make money, but why do it for something that’s supposed to be fun and exciting for everyone?
  • There are apparently going to be an extra 1 million people in our state because of this.  1 MILLION!  I just can’t even comprehend this.

A few reasons I’m excited about the eclipse:

  • I won some “eclipse cupcakes” from Holly’s Cakes that I get to pick up this morning!  They look delicious and I love any excuse to eat cake of any kind :-)
  • I’ve never seen an eclipse (lunar or solar) and any chance to see something unique that display’s God’s creation is just incredible.
  • As silly as some of it is, the hype around this is kind of fun! I’ll be staying home (#naptime #dontwanttodealwithtraffic), but should be able to see it ok from our driveway and will be checking in with the news and NASA (I went to Space Camp and really wanted to be an astronaut!).
  • Eclipse cupcakes, eclipse cookies, eclipse donuts, t-shirts, memes, parties, etc. are everywhere… and I love it!

So, be safe out there today.  And because I trust NASA over most any other resource, here’s a link to their Solar Eclipse Safety website.

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