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April 14, 2016

Molly + Chris | St Matthew’s Episcopal + Indigo Hall Wedding

It was actually her maid of honor that took the blame for their wedding happening this past Saturday.  Molly met Katie at Clemson orientation, so their first night of their first semester of college, they ran into Katie’s friend from high school, Chris.

They became quick friends, but it took them 2.5 years to go on their first date to dinner and a movie.  But regardless of how nervous she was, there was no need for her to worry because that date was the beginning of their lifelong adventure together.

Molly and Chris’s wedding day was so perfectly sweet, fun, and full of laughter!  It was so apparent how much their friends and family enjoyed being there and celebrating together.  And everyone welcomed me and Laci (my amazing second shooter) as if we’d always known them!

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be a part of your story this past year and to document this piece of your adventure.  I hope you’re having an incredible time in Sedona and that you’re able to take some time away from the red rocks to walk back through your wedding day!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-101 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-102

Molly’s dress and details were simply divine!


She kept telling me that the back of the dress was her favorite part… isn’t it beautiful?

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-104 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-105 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-106 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-107 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-108 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-109 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-110 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-111 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-112

They always say “Love you to the moon and back again” to each other…


So Molly surprised Chris and had it engraved in his wedding band!


I’m still so impressed that Whole Foods did their florals!  They were gorgeous!


Molly’s “something old” was her great-grandmother’s locket that she carried around her bouquet.

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-116 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-117 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-118 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-119 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-120

So beautiful, Molly!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-121 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-122

There was a tiny hole in one of the leaves of her bouquet and it happened to be in the shape of a heart…

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-123 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-124

So dapper, Chris!!


The back of the church had the cutest little garden full of all kinds of blooms, which was perfect for wedding party photos.

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-126 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-127 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-128 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-129 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-130 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-131 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-132 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-133 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-134 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-135 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-136 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-137 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-138 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-139 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-140 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-141 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-142

Molly did a first look with her dad, who brought his own sense of style to the day :-)

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-145 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-146

How cute are they though??


Molly and Chris decided to wait and see each other until the ceremony, but they wanted a few moments to chat and exchange letters.

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-148 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-149 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-150 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-151

I love the shot on the left that Laci captured.

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-152 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-153 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-154 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-155 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-156 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-157 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-158 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-159 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-160 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-161

Married!  And so happy!


They did their exit after the ceremony so that all of their guests could be there… I love this!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-163 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-164 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-165

We then had time to travel to downtown Spartanburg to get wedding party photos and some bride and groom portraits.  And let me just tell you… downtown Spartanburg has done a LOT since I lived there in high school!  It’s so pretty!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-166 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-167 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-168 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-169 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-170 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-171 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-172 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-173 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-174 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-175

How fun is this wedding party?!?


I’m not going to lie, I love these next two shots.  This first one is mine…


And Laci captured this angle with First Baptist Spartanburg in the background.

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-178 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-179 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-180 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-181 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-182

Molly and Chris were so great!  And even though it was pretty cold, Molly wanted to keep powering through their bride and groom portraits… which I think was totally worth it.  Between these two, the light and the wind, we couldn’t have asked for anything other than a little less chill :-)

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-183 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-184 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-185

I just love this one!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-186 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-187 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-188 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-189 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-190 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-191

Y’all.  This light.  I could have continued to photograph these two (in downtown Spartanburg of all places!) for ages!!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-192 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-193

But, we wanted to join the reception at Indigo Hall.
And I wanted to get Molly inside where it was warm!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-194 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-195 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-196 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-197

I loved how pretty and simple their cake was!  And y’all know I loved their colors!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-198 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-199 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-200 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-201 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-202 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-203 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-204 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-205 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-206 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-207 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-208 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-209 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-210 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-211 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-212 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-213

We headed outside for some group shots (don’t worry guys, those will be in the final gallery!) and a few more bride and groom portraits before the sun set.

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-214 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-215 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-216 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-217 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-218

And then it was time to dance the night away!

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-219 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-220 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-221 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-222 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-223 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-224 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-225 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-226 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-227 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-228 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-229 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-230 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-231 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-232

Y’all are so much fun!  Congrats, you guys!


A million thanks to the most amazing vendors who helped make Molly + Chris’s day happen!

Ceremony | St Matthew’s Episcopal Church
Reception | Indigo Hall
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsman Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Makeup Artist | Ava at Sweet Tea Salon
Hair Artist | Panache Salon of Spartanburg
Florals | Whole Foods
Officiant | Father Rob Brown

DJ | ProsOnly Entertainment, Robert Batson
Wedding Invitations | Vista Print
Cake Artist | Couture Cakes of Greenville
Catering | Mike & Jeff’s BBQ

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