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Monday Musings

August 10, 2015

Monday Musings | A Weekend of Firsts

We had no idea how it would go, or how she would do, or if we’d have to give up half way through.  But what parent – first time or fifth time around – really knows how their child will handle things the first time they try anything?

We had a couple of these moments this weekend and while I’d love to say Catherine was perfectly wonderful the entire time, well, that would be a lie and if anything, y’all know that I like to keep things real in my little corner of the internet.

Saturday was another day off for both Ben and me so we wanted to soak it up as a family!  Catherine woke up at her normal 6:30am so we brought her into our room to try and prolong the time we actually got up for the day.  But by 10:45am, we were heading out the door to go see Inside Out at the movie theater and we were taking Catherine with us!

Our thinking was that it was before noon, the movie had been out for several weeks, and there probably wouldn’t be that many people there so even if she did get fussy, we wouldn’t be disturbing too many people.  Which ended up being true because while the theater wasn’t totally empty, there was a family sitting behind us that had a young one and he was actually louder than Catherine was so that made me feel lots better!

In reality, she did fairly well.  We let her watch a liiiitle bit of it, I nursed her through some of it, and Ben rocked her and got her to sleep for part of it.  And we were able to go and see a movie that I’ll definitely be getting for our collection when it comes out!


The other thing we attempted for the first time was solid foods for Catherine.  I’d heard how easy it was to make pureed baby food so I also gave that a try… I never thought I’d be a mom who made her baby’s food but it really is so easy!  And lots cheaper so why not??

And oh my goodness, the child couldn’t get enough of the sweet potatoes!  She was a mess and needed a bath by the end of it all, but she was actually trying to lick the bowl to get more when it was all gone.  It was hilarious!  And I’m really hoping that this means she’s going to be a good eater.

I joked with some friends that watched her the other night that if the table was lined with bottles, she would eat every single one.  And I really don’t know that I’m stretching the truth too far!


Happy Monday!

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