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Monday Musings

May 12, 2014

Monday Musings | Catching Up

Today is a catch up day.  I’m not sure how it even happened to  begin with but I’ve gotten WAY behind with editing!  It’s probably just the time of year but over the last couple of years I’ve gotten my workflow down pretty well so that I don’t end up in situations like this.  But the truth is, that no matter how many photos are in LightRoom for me to edit, life still goes on.  And while I don’t want to let either area of life suffer, I don’t want to look back and regret missing out on life because I was at my computer working.  Thankfully though, I also have amazing clients that understand this and are ok waiting a tad longer for their photos :-)

And yesterday was one of those “We need to enjoy life” kind of days.  Every year in Greenville, our downtown streets are lined with artists of all kind for Artisphere.  And they’re from all over too!  We saw some jewelry makers from San Francisco and some painters from Ohio and Michigan.  But there were also plenty of artists that live and work right here in town.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to wander through because the talent alone is amazing!!  We missed it last year (and maybe the year before too) so I asked Ben if we could go this year and yesterday was the perfect (albeit blazingly hot) day to go.  We made our way down Main St., got some food from some local restaurants that had tents set up, wandered some more, bumped into friends, and stopped into Starbucks to get some cold drinks while we continued to wander.

The only photo I got was this one of the street with my phone… but it’s just enough to remember the day.  The sun was out, my favorite kind of clouds were in the sky and my hand was being held by my favorite person on the planet.  And while I’m glad to be back at my desk today, doing what I love, yesterday was needed.  A break was needed.  Time with my husband was needed.  And I’m so thankful for the chance to relax and be refreshed so that Mondays never seem so bad.


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