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Monday Musings

November 24, 2014

Monday Musings | Clemson, Glucose Test & a Paraguayan Feast!

I woke up this morning (at 5:30am because that’s what pregnant women do…) and realized that this week is going to be SO much fun!  We were able to see our baby girl with an ultrasound this morning, two friends are taking me to register for all things baby tomorrow (followed by dinner at the Melting Pot!), Wednesday is the last work day of the week, Thursday is Thanksgiving, Ben has Friday off so we’re going to the movies and out to dinner, and Saturday is the Clemson/South Carolina game!  There’s a good bit of work that I would like to get done before the end of the day on Wednesday, but I’m pretty motivated so hopefully I can buckle down and get it all done.

So what’s the deal with today’s blog title?  Well, I’ll break it down into bullet points because it’s more fun that way:

  • Clemson: this is the first year in a really long time that I haven’t made it to a Clemson game.  But with our schedule this fall and all other kinds of things happening, it just wasn’t meant to be.  But that’s ok because this fall has been wonderful!  We originally thought we’d have a newborn to watch the games with, but God had other plans and we’ve been so busy that the first due date (September 20) came and went without us hardly even noticing.  And that is all of God’s grace… not because we ignored it or anything but He’s continually reminded us that HE alone is our hope.  So, this Saturday, we’ll watch the Clemson game at a friend’s house or a restaurant and wear plenty of orange, cheering as loudly as we can so that this baby girl knows Cadence Count before she’s even born!
  • Glucose Test: My oh my.  It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but I’m also really glad it’s over!  The third trimester starts tomorrow (holy cow!) so we went in for our 28 week appointment today.  The best part of taking the glucose test is to make sure things are as they should be AND at our appointment, we were able to have an ultrasound and see our sweet baby Catherine Marie!  I posted one of her photos on Instagram this morning and there will be plenty more to come because this sweet girl is already protesting having her photo taken… although I remember going through that phase when I was younger so we’ll see how it goes with her when she’s in our arms.
  • A Paraguayan Feast: We had our community group over to our house last night and instead of doing a Thanksgiving potluck meal, everyone chipped in and Ben spent the entire day cooking up his favorite foods from Paraguay.  Oh my goodness, he even restrained from eating all day just so he could enjoy as much as he wanted at dinner!  And let me just say… it was amazing.  The empanadas alone were to die for!


And in honor of cheering for Clemson all week long, here’s an updated baby bump picture.  It’s actually from Friday so I was 27 weeks and 4 days.


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