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Monday Musings

November 2, 2015

Monday Musings | Halloween With Littles

Waiting until the last minute to finish her costume or not, Halloween just became a lot more fun with a little one in the mix!  I’m pretty sure the last time I myself dressed up was in college (and we had some pretty epic costumes), so to be able to dress up a cute little baby totally made my weekend!

A few thoughts on the whole process:

  • I’m a procrastinator and if it hadn’t been for the main piece of her costume that came from a friend, Catherine may not have dressed up at all!
  • Also, if not for my amazing husband, she wouldn’t have had little ladybug wings. I mentioned needing to go out and find some for her at about 9pm two nights before Halloween and he tells me theres a huge costume/Halloween store across from his office.  What?!?  So amazing.  He definitely found ladybug wings and (bonus!) they were about $4.
  • Catherine didn’t actually go trick-or-treating, her dressing up was solely for my own personal amusement.
  • I also felt like I couldn’t deprive her of having those commemorative “first Halloween” photos!
  • Clearly I need to go ahead and start planning for next year now so that I’ll be more ready :-)
  • Next year I’ll be able to justify actually taking her trick-or-treating, which mainly means a few pieces of candy for her and many more pieces for mommy and daddy.  Isn’t that how this whole things works now?

Ben had a wedding to shoot on Saturday so she just looked adorable in his arms since they kind of matched.  I stayed out of the photos because I did not have a wedding and was in orange ready for the Clemson game and would have clashed.  But I promise to be in the photos next year!

Oh my heavens, I love them so much!

Halloween-Ladybug-101 Halloween-Ladybug-102

Oh my word, that little smirk though!


I think she was counting how many pieces of candy she thought she was going to get… ha!  Love her!


Happy (rainy) Monday!

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