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Monday Musings

September 12, 2016

Monday Musings | It’s Fall!

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in over a week.  I enjoy blogging so much!  But between this off season for me, rounding the corner into my second trimester, and wrapping up my bridal guide, and chasing a toddler around, it was a needed break :-)

So what else have we been up to?  I posted on Instagram that we went apple picking and if you saw some of my Instagram stories, we took a trip up to Virginia with my mom to see my grandma (Catherine’s great-grandma) and some aunts, uncles and cousins.  It’s been nice having this little break from weddings and work to just experience fall with my baby girl!  And I know, she’s a toddler now, but we’re still calling her “the little baby”.  We can’t seem to help it!

fallatskytop-101 fallatskytop-102

She was the cutest little thing carrying the (empty) basket!

fallatskytop-103 fallatskytop-104 fallatskytop-105 fallatskytop-106

She was not paying attention to me while she was under the “How Tall this Fall” sign because she was too entranced by the other kids walking by.


We just got home yesterday from Virginia where my mom’s side of the family lives.  And I guess Catherine thought she needed to earn her keep by sweeping :-)

withfamily-101 withfamily-102

She loves drawing on things… so I decided a colored pencil and a pad of paper was the safest option.


Between watching the Clemson game and being fascinated with Catherine’s smart phone abilities,
the family was fully entertained on Saturday!


And before we left, we had to get our photo of four generations :-)


But we wanted my aunt and cousin in one too!


  1. melissa says:

    You will treasure the photos of four generations – that is a gift!

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