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Monday Musings

October 24, 2016

Monday Musings | Pumpkin Carving

Every year since Ben and I met, we’ve gone to our friends’ house to carve pumpkins.  Sometimes we’ll have dinner, sometimes it’s just coffee and dessert, but we always take over their dining room table with pumpkins, carving tools and two bowls – one for seeds and one for the rest of the guts!

Well, last year we didn’t actually make it over there (I’m going to blame Catherine only being 8 months old) so we were really glad to resume the tradition this year!

pumpkin-carving-2016-103 pumpkin-carving-2016-101 pumpkin-carving-2016-104

David, this sweet girl’s dad, may have stolen my camera for some shots too :-)

pumpkin-carving-2016-102 pumpkin-carving-2016-105 pumpkin-carving-2016-106 pumpkin-carving-2016-107

This was mine!  I tend to go for the easier designs.

pumpkin-carving-2016-108 pumpkin-carving-2016-109

And Catherine decided she wanted to help her papa with his… she was such a cute little worker!


Until she got super sad because it was so far past her bed time ;-)


Ben always seems to go for the crazy complicated designs… but as he said, Yoda never looked so good!

pumpkin-carving-2016-112 pumpkin-carving-2016-113 pumpkin-carving-2016-114

For those curious about settings: ISO 3200, f2.2, 1/80 and I was using my 35mm 1.8 lens.


For this one with Catherine, I jumped the ISO up to 6400 and my shutter up to 1/100 while Ben used the flashlight on his phone for some off camera lighting :-)


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