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October 6, 2014

Monday Musings | Spider Bites, Rainbows, & a Wedding

It feels like forever since I’ve been home!  I got home from the Pursuit31 Conference on a Thursday, shot Kaye and Bill’s wedding on Saturday, then the next couple of days were a whirlwind before we had our 20 week appointment and found out we’re having a GIRL!  And the next morning, I flew up to Nashville to help Arica get ready for her wedding that was just 2 days ago! But, I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything.  I’m mostly excited to have some time to just sit and reflect over what’s happened these last couple of weeks.  Because it’s been a lot. But until then, I wanted to give you a quick recap of what the last several days in Nashville were like.

  • Tuesday night we had our gender reveal party outside and I escaped with only a handful of bug bites (mostly on my feet).  But on Wednesday, I noticed one on the back of my knee (even though I had jeans on, they sometimes figure out how to get through that material!).  Well, instead of getting better and going away like the others, this one kept swelling and turning colors and by Friday, we decided it was actually a spider bite.  Yikes.
  • Ben took me to an urgent care place in Nashville before we drove home and the doctor looked at it for about .5 seconds and said it wasn’t a brown recluse and there weren’t lines up and down my leg, so it wasn’t a staph infection.  When he left to write me a prescription, I asked Ben how he knew it was ok in the .5 seconds he looked at it and Ben said it was because he was as old as Santa (and kind of looked like him too!).
  • Being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding this past weekend was quite possibly the most refreshing thing I could have done for my business.  No, I wasn’t thinking about photography the whole time because she hired an amazing one!  But getting to be “on the inside” of a wedding for the first time in a long time helped me see things with fresh eyes and I can’t wait to see how that plays out for my own brides!!
  • My Rainbow flip flops hit the end of their road about a week ago.  It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon with them because when I first heard about them in college, all the frat guys and sorority girls were wearing them… and who pays $50 for flip flops anyway?!?  Well, let me tell you, those guys and girls were onto something because when I finally gave in, I never looked back.  Anyway, my other pair had lasted me over 3 years but since they’re completely leather and had been through the trenches and back, their smell they carried with them was offending anyone within smelling distance.  But I knew that after a full day of wedding activities, having a pair of these to slide on my feet at the reception would be a life savor!  So, Ben ordered a new pair for me Tuesday night and we weren’t sure they’d arrive before he left for Nashville.  But, they did and he surprised me with them at the reception!  Love that man…

Love these girls… and I loved getting to spend the weekend with them!


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