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Monday Musings, Personal

December 5, 2016

Monday Musings | Third Trimester!

I honestly don’t know how 1) it’s already December and 2) that we’ve made it to the third trimester with Isabella Grace!  We have 12 weeks until my due date, but we’ll be scheduling the c-section this coming month and we’re hoping for around February 21.  With Catherine, my water broke and I labored for 20ish hours (with an epidural because I have zero pain tolerance!) but she just never dropped… which also meant I never had to push either.

A c-section was never in my plan, but the Lord kept us both safe and healthy and that’s all we really cared about!  Since my body reacted that way with Catherine, my doctor said the chances of my body doing the same thing again was around 80% so I’m going to let the Type A inside me have her field day and plan what day we’ll get to meet this baby girl!


I’m feeling pretty good, although much more tired than I did the first time.  But it’s what I’ve heard from mamas of more than one child… the second time around you’re not only growing a baby, but you’re also chasing your first one around all day!  So, my weekend naps are more frequent and I tend to fall asleep on the couch in the evenings before I’m actually ready for bed.


But that’s ok.  I’m good with some extra sleep and expending more energy on Catherine while she’s still an only child :-)


You may have noticed the abundance of orange and purple in this post and that’s because we tend to take these photos on Saturday mornings when Clemson has a game.  And since we played for the ACC Championship this past weekend, we were ALL wearing our solid orange all day!  The ones where I’m in the purple sweater are from the week before when we played South Carolina.

This little girl cracks us up on a regular basis, but I promise she gets it all from her Papa… Ben is so amazing with her and will probably be the number one reason our girls never take themselves too seriously.  It took me a long time to be able to laugh at myself and I don’t want our girls going through that when they’re little OR when they’re teenagers!  So, if you’re around us for any amount of time and think we laugh at our kids a lot, that’s why :-)


I had prayed that Catherine would like to snuggle and it hasn’t been until these past few months that she’s let us snuggle with her!  We don’t know what has brought it on, but we’re 100% ok with it.


Oh my gosh, how we love this girl!


She’s never really taken a paci and used to only suck her thumb when she was tired.  But we’ve seen her thumb in her mouth a bit more lately.  Ben was trying to make her laugh to get it OUT of her mouth for a photo, but clearly even laughing didn’t encourage her to put her hand down :-)


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