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Monday Musings

January 12, 2015

Monday Musings | Waiting on Baby

We made it!!  Saturday was our last wedding before baby Catherine arrives and while it was SUCH an amazing day to celebrate with two of the sweetest people ever, I’m glad to not have to worry about missing our last wedding because Catherine decided to make an early debut :-)  We still have several things going on between now and her due date and of course I want her to stay in her cozy little nook as long as she needs to.  However, I can breathe a little easier now that our weddings before baby are complete!

A few things that happened over the weekend:

  • We assembled the crib and now it and the dresser are in the nursery!  Having those two things up and ready make me feel SO much more prepared!
  • We actually assembled me inside the crib as we were putting it together… and after posting this on Instagram, everyone wanted to know HOW I got out!  I wish I could tell you that I’m still limber enough to just climb out, but we all know that would be stretching the truth a bit.  What actually happened was that Ben lifted up the frame and I crawled out from under it.  Super gracefully, I might add ;-)
  • Saturday’s wedding was so much fun and I can’t wait to share those photos with you tomorrow!
  • We took my friend Mandy (another photographer) along with us to basically be my assistant for the day.  Her code name is now “Life Saver” because I don’t know how I would have made it through the day without her!  She was there mainly to do all the bending and dress fluffing that I can’t do so easily right now but she did SO much more!  Ben and I joked that she probably spoiled us because now we know what it’s like to have an extra set of hands on deck for a wedding day!
  • The swelling of pregnancy has set in.  My feet were so swollen yesterday morning that I couldn’t wear flats at all because my feet were spilling out of them like marshmallows that puff up when you put them in the microwave.  Granted, some of that may be from being ON my feet all day Saturday…

So thankful Ben got this photo on Saturday.  This way we can prove to Catherine that she went to work with us before she was even born!

34wkPregnantPhotographer-101  Happy Monday everyone!

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