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Monday Musings

June 23, 2014

Monday Musings | Wedding Flowers & Hot Sweet Tea

I’m beyond excited to share Bess & Andrew’s wedding with you tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to show you her flowers.  They were BEYOND gorgeous and holy moly did they photograph well or what?!?  Renee, this was the first time I’ve seen your work up close and personal and I was beside myself with how beautiful they were!  I hope you won’t mind the crazy amount of photos of these that I’ll be sending your way in a few of weeks!

Renee Burroughs Design flower photos

The girls were all so good about keeping their flowers in the vases of water and they held up great all day.  Which is amazing considering how hot it was on Saturday.  The first day of summer definitely made itself known!

But by the reception, everyone was feeling it and before too long, all of the ice was gone.  But it was at that point I decided I wanted a glass of sweet tea instead of just water… not fully thinking through my decision, I was handed a wine glass full of hot tea.  And when I brought it back to where our gear was, Ben thought the heat had really gotten to me and that I’d gotten a glass of wine!

Happy Monday, everyone.  Stay cool today!

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