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August 22, 2014

Moving Day is Here!

This post is so very bittersweet… I cried yesterday morning because yesterday was our last full day in this house.  And chances are I’ll cry at some point today or maybe next week as we come back to clean and do touch ups and get this house ready for renters (whoever they may be!).  (And please excuse how the porch looks… Ben used the pressure washer on it and we need to repaint it!)  But it’s not because I’m sad for where we’re going, it’s just that SO MUCH has happened in the last five years since I bought this house that the tears are for joy and thankfulness and anticipation of the future.  Ok, so I’m crying right now as I type :-)

When I bought this house, I was a few months shy of turning 30 years old.  I was about to enter a new decade.  I had no boyfriend and no idea when/if I was going to get married.  I was at one job I enjoyed but I knew my time there was coming to a close because God had already been moving in me that year and pushing me closer to a career in photography.  But I still had no idea what that looked like either!  The one thing I prayed when I bought this house was that God would use it.  This happened because of Him, so this space was His.  We had numerous d-group meetings here; countless heart to heart conversations with so many girls that I love dearly; Ben and I almost broke up in this house, but it’s also where we decided to keep working on our relationship; he then brought me home as his wife to this house; we celebrated our first Thanksgiving and our first Christmas together in this house; it’s the first place I set up shop as a full time photographer; and so.much.more.

As I cried yesterday morning, Ben reminded me that he loves me in this house and every house we’ll ever live in.  I’m just excited and thankful that we get to do all of this living as a team.  And I can’t wait for all the adventures God has in store for this next house!


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