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August 31, 2016

My Big Project


Before Catherine was born, I had several things that I wanted to accomplish because I knew life was about to drastically change and the time I had to work on my business – not just editing photos – was going to dwindle.  The biggest project on that list was creating my bridal guide.  A magazine that I would send to my new brides to not only help them with planning their own wedding, but to also give them something tangible with printed photos of my work!  However, I just couldn’t get it done.

But, a new bridal guide template is on my desktop (thanks to Katelyn James and her amazing design skills) and you guys… I’m SEVEN spreads away from completing it and sending it off to the printer!  I almost want to lose a little sleep over this just to finish it, but I also want it to be RIGHT.  This is going to be such a help to my brides and I want them to hold it and read it and share it with their moms, their bridesmaids and even their grooms… and then I hope they read it all again as their wedding day gets closer.

I don’t say any of this to brag on myself AT ALL.  But after photographing over 75 weddings in the last 7 years, I’ve run into all kinds of situations and seen all sorts of ideas.  And since many of my brides have never planned a wedding before, I want to be a resource to them in more ways than one.  I let them know from the beginning that I’m only an email, phone call or text away with any kind of question as we get closer to their big day.  I even have a specific link on my blog just for Brides & Grooms!  But this bridal guide will be something they can have on hand at all times and will answer so many of their questions before they even know to ask them!

For a sneak peek, head over to Instagram and check out my Instagram story I posted last night (@sabrina_fields)!

My new goal, since I horribly failed at the last one for my bridal guide, is to have this off to the printer by the middle of September.  Which only gives me a couple of weeks!  Hopefully, now that I’ve “put it out there” all of you can help hold me accountable!  Keep your ears open for joyful screaming though… that will be me when this guide is complete and on its way to the printer!

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