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January 14, 2016

Natalia + Luis | A Rainy Winter Wedding at Morningside Baptist Church

If she was anxious at all, you could not tell one bit.  A few things had been left at home that morning, but instead of letting it throw her off, she just shrugged and decided not to worry about it.  But as I’ve gotten to know Natalia a little bit this past year, that’s just how she is.  And I honestly think it’s because she trusts God with whatever it is He has for her.  So she doesn’t have any need to worry!

Luis definitely wasn’t worried about anything… he was all smiles as the day progressed and the time ticked closer to him being able to see his bride and become Natalia’s husband.  In fact, his smile is a bit contagious, so I dare you not to grin as you scroll through a few favorites from their wedding day!

The weather tried to throw us off a bit with all the wind before the ceremony and the rain during the reception, but these two didn’t care one bit.  It was their wedding day and nothing was going to get in the way of that!

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-101 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-102 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-103 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-104 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-105 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-106 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-107 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-108 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-109 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-110 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-111 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-112 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-113Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-114 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-115 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-116 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-117 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-118 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-119

It was really cold outside at this point, but these girls were amazing!

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-120 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-121 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-122

Luis was quite dapper in his tux and white bow tie!

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-123 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-124 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-125 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-126

Natalia surprised her bridesmaids with these super soft and warm blankets… all for the purpose of taking photos outside!
I love brides that are willing to brave the elements for photos :-)

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-127 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-128

Not only did her mom alter her dress, but she did the bouquets of flowers too.
Her mom is so talented and did so much for their wedding!  Needless to say, she loves her daughter so much!

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-129 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-130 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-131 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-132

Pieces of 1 Corinthians 13 lined the aisle of the chapel…

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-133 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-134 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-135 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-136 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-137 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-138 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-139 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-140 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-141

My brother-in-law is the pastor of the Spanish congregation at Morningside and officiated the service.
I couldn’t understand more than 5 or 6 words, but it was still beautiful!

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-142 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-143 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-144 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-145 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-146 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-147 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-148 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-149 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-150


Aren’t they the cutest??

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-152 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-153 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-154 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-155 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-156 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-157 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-158 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-159 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-160

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-161 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-162

After the reception, we headed outside for a few more photos and even though it was misting, these two didn’t care one bit.


And I’m so thankful because I may have been squealing from excitement over these photos :-)

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-164 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-165 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-166 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-167 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-168 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-169

Who says rain on your wedding day is a bad thing?  How romantic is this??

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-170 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-171 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-172 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-173

Credits coming soon!

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