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October 10, 2014

Our Gender Reveal Party

We are so blessed.  Like, beyond blessed.  The number of friends and family we have around us and the community that God has built just for us astounds me on a regular basis.  There’s no way I could do life without any of them and I’m so thankful.  And as a handful of those friends joined us to find out whether this baby – whom they all love so much already! – was a boy or a girl, Ben and I were overwhelmed by the familiar faces that gathered at our house.

I am still in a tad bit of shock that it’s a girl, but at the same time, I’m so overwhelmed with love for her already!!  We are so excited to meet her in February that it usually brings tears to my eyes when I think about it!

Thank you, Allison for these photos so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting them!! Paris-themed-gender-reveal-101 Fields_Gender-Reveal-24

You can’t have a French themed party without cheese!



The swirly things on the left are meringues (easy recipe here) and the amazing things on the right are nutella stuffed French toast made by my amazing husband.  YUM!

Paris-themed-gender-reveal-105 Fields_Gender-Reveal-13 Fields_Gender-Reveal-20

Ben’s parents were able to Skype in from Paraguay and his other sister and her family Skyped in via our iPad from the country of Georgia!

Fields_Gender-Reveal-55 Fields_Gender-Reveal-59 Fields_Gender-Reveal-67 Paris-themed-gender-reveal-111

And my mom and brother were there, live and in person!


We had two sets of French Macaron cookies upstairs, pink and blue.  So when it was time, my friend Kelly went up to the kitchen, opened the envelope, then put the appropriately colored macarons on a plate and under a dish and brought it back down to us to reveal to everyone (ourselves included) what we were having!

Paris-themed-gender-reveal-113 Paris-themed-gender-reveal-114 Fields_Gender-Reveal-103 Fields_Gender-Reveal-107

Our nieces and nephews were upstairs ready to toss balloons down :-) We still have the blue balloons that Ben also blew up if anyone needs them!


I love this one!


My mom called her mom as soon as we found out and handed the phone to me.  She was so excited!!

Paris-themed-gender-reveal-119 Fields_Gender-Reveal-131 Fields_Gender-Reveal-140 Fields_Gender-Reveal-150 Fields_Gender-Reveal-156 Fields_Gender-Reveal-159 Fields_Gender-Reveal-162


Despite the colors in this photo, some were expecting it to be a girl!


  1. Mommy says:

    We were so excited to be in on the party with everyone. Thank you so much for including us in such a special way from way down in Paraguay. We love the fact that our girls came first! Though it seems most everyone wants to start out with boys. We are thrilled that your baby is our 4th granddaughter. Can’t wait until February! I love you,

  2. Uncle Carl & Aunt Betty Souther says:

    We are so happy for you!! GOD is so GOOD!! What a wonderful way to share the time when you all found out whether a boy or a girl is on the way to your new home!! Again, we are so happy for you, Dear Ben & Dear Sabrina! May GOD bless this precious little girl in every way from conception all the way through her Dear Life. What a wonderful family to be born into!! May she also at an early age be “born again” to love & faithfully serve HIM WHO is above all NAMES & Worthy to be Praised!!!

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