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July 30, 2013

Paint Color Suggestions

There are so many things that I wish I could do – like sew, draw, speak several languages fluently – but then there are some things that would just be handy to have the ability to do them.  You know, like a talent for graphic design would pair amazingly well with photography!  And fashion sense?  Well, it would at least make it easier to not wear jeans and a t-shirt every day :-)  And then there’s interior design.  I love going to places like Ikea and Marshall’s and Hobby Lobby to see all the fun furniture and unique pieces they have.  But if I had to choose things to go in my house… well… it wouldn’t look as put together as I would like for it to.

Luckily though, God has blessed me with friends who ARE gifted in these things!  There was the time in college that my mom gave me some money to go shopping for new clothes and I told one of my best friends she was coming with me… and to think of this as a “What Not to Wear” episode.  My closet needed a mini overhaul and we went to it!  Then, when I bought my house, Kelly and our friend Lindsay helped numerous times with furniture placement and paint colors.  Seriously, my house would be super bland if not for them!

I realized yesterday after I got home from going on a walk with Kelly and her super sweet daughter (who gave me the stink eye more than once yesterday… but we’ll just say it was because she was tired ;-)) that I could have asked her this question then, but it slipped my mind.  And then it occurred to me that I could use it as a blog post and turn it into a Before and After post!  For this month of August that we have off from weddings, this was a perfect idea!

SO.  What’s all of this about?  Well, we need to paint our quaint bathroom.  And by “quaint”, I mean tiny.  Either way, it needs a fresh coat of paint so I thought I’d enlist the help of the internet, aka you guys reading this post!  When I bought the house, it was the only room that was painted a color.  The previous owner told me that she had loved it and couldn’t bear to paint over it.  After living in the house for a bit, I realized it wasn’t just that, but the bath is so small with all kinds of nooks and crannies that it would have just been too much of a pain to repaint it!  And the color has been fine (it’s a light blue), but the rest of our house is more bold and warm (browns, blue/grey, and red in the kitchen and a wall in the hallway).

Here it is… what color do y’all suggest??  Nothing too crazy, but nothing too boring either :-)

  1. Dayna says:

    I say a warm orangey-yellow. A dark color will make that space look even smaller, but yellow can be both a bright and a bold color. It would go well with your coffee cups and it would help wake you up in the morning!

  2. Ginger says:

    Say light yellow with grey accessories….or light grey with yellow accessories!

  3. Kait Fowler says:

    I’d stick with light hues. Light gray, mocha, green, blues. Cooler colors will make it seem bigger as well. Maybe think about adding white beadboard to the bottom under the chair rail… looks cool in a bathroom and will lighten the space even more!

  4. ginny says:

    i’m definitely not an interior designer, but my fave right now is revere pewter (ben moore). paint the ceiling the same color! it would look so fresh with all of your white! have fun!
    PS – i painted my bathroom in my old house black (it was pretty small) – LOVED loved it…will definitely do that again.

  5. Joel says:

    Let’s use the chair-rail molding as a dividing line. I’m thinking that we try some very light purple beneath and a lavender-gray above (while keeping the ceiling and molding a crisp white).

    Here are the colors I would play with:

    Beneath Chair-Rail: 220, 193, 232 [RGB]
    Above Chair-Rail: 254, 224, 255 [RGB]
    Ceiling & Molding: Bright White

    You can check out [ https://kuler.adobe.com/ ] to play with their color wheel. It helps me a lot when it comes to deciding on colors.

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