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May 24, 2016

Sarah + Stuart | An Intimate Pretty Place Wedding

They met through friends at church.  And when I realized we knew lots of the same people, I knew that I would like Sarah and Stuart immediately.  And I was right!  Sarah and I met for coffee one afternoon and as I asked her to tell me their story and all about the wedding, she said they just wanted to keep things simple.

We talked for an hour that day, 30 minutes the week before the wedding, and for an hour on the ride up to Pretty Place.  On her wedding day, I picked Sarah up from her apartment and the two of us drove up the mountain for her wedding!

They didn’t want anything fancy.  They didn’t want a full day.  And while they have so many people that love and support them, they simply wanted a day with their families, each other and the Lord.

Including myself, there were 19 people in the chapel on Saturday and it couldn’t have been more beautiful or perfect!

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-101 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-102

We made sure to get up there in time to get some portraits of Sarah before we did a First Look with her groom.


So beautiful!!

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-104 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-105 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-106 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-107

I love these flowers.  But y’all know how excited I was for this perfect jewel of a succulent!

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-108 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-109

Once Stuart arrived, I got him into place and Sarah came down to meet him.

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-110 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-111

She had barely tapped him on the shoulder when his face burst into a smile of excitement!


I love it!! (And he did too!)

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-113 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-114 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-115 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-116 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-117 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-118

We had plenty of time for portraits and the weather was amazing so we took full advantage of our time before their families arrived.

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-119 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-120 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-121 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-122 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-123 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-124 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-125 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-126

Their laughter was the cutest!

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-127 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-128 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-129 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-130 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-131

Oh my gosh, I love this one.

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-132 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-133 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-134 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-135

Look at that beautiful glowy light!!


Just stunning, Sarah.

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-137 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-138 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-139 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-140 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-141 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-142

Once their families arrived, the ceremony could officially start (a little early I might add… which was a first for me!).

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-143 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-144 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-145 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-146 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-147 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-148 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-149

Short, sweet, and married!

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-150 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-151 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-152

It wasn’t until she hugged her family after the ceremony that the tears came :-)

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-153 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-154 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-155 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-156 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-157 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-158

There have been very few weddings when I’ve been able to take a group shot of everyone there.  And it might be one of my favorite parts about these Intimate Weddings!


Once things were official with the Lord (their vows) and with the state (marriage license), we had some time left for a few more portraits.

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-160 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-161 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-162 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-163 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-164

We wrapped up in the place Sarah and I began, and got the last bit of the sun.

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-165 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-166 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-167 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-168 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-169

It may be a shorter list than usual, but this day happened because of several people:

Ceremony Venue | Pretty Place, Symmes Chapel
Bride’s Dress | Belk
Groom’s Suit | Smith & James
Florist | Simple Stems
Hair & Makeup Artist | the bride :-)

  1. Mary DeFoor says:

    What beautiful, elegant photos to capture a special event in a special couple’s lives!

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