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February 8, 2018

Share Joy | Rainy Day

Since 2014 I’ve entered this huge photography contest put on by Shoot & Share.  It’s the best out there because it’s completely anonymous so the photos that win aren’t based on who has the most connections on social media.  You should definitely check it out HERE… but I’ll warn you that it’s very addictive (in the best way possible).

One of the new categories this year is called Share Joy and other than the wedding categories, it’s my favorite!  I dare you not to smile when this category pops up!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in South Carolina and we made the most of it… we stayed in PJs most of the day, we made Valentine’s Cards and when Isa when down for her morning nap, I decked Catherine out in her rain gear and let her play around outside.  And she loved every second of it.

So today, I’m sharing some joy in the form of my almost-3-year-old.  And I hope she brings a smile to your face too :-)

ShareJoy-RainyDay-101 ShareJoy-RainyDay-102 ShareJoy-RainyDay-103 ShareJoy-RainyDay-104 ShareJoy-RainyDay-105

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