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November 19, 2012

Sleeping Baby

Now, I’m not a baby photographer.  But, by now, you guys know how much I love this family!  This is Brielle, whose birth I had the honor of photographing and who is a part of this precious family.  Julia called me asking if I’d be willing to try and take some pictures of Brielle sleeping… sans diaper.  I warned her that most infants do NOT like to sleep for me.  If a baby HAS slept during our session, it’s usually only a light sleep and for a short amount of time.  But, Julia really wanted to give this a try.  So much so that she had already looked up the best ways to get the baby to sleep during the session!

Again, I’m not a baby photographer, but I’ve picked up a few ideas along the way and these are exactly what Julia had found and exactly what she did to help her baby girl sleep.  She told me around 8am might be the best time because Brielle wakes up but she isn’t fully awake.  So, Julia woke her up and waited until just before I came to feed her.  Most of y’all know that a full belly equals a sleepy person.  Well, same is true for babies!  So, not only was she full, but she had been woken up and kept awake until our session, so she was also tired.  We also went into the warmest room in the house.  Full belly + sleepy baby + warm room = sleeping baby!  Not to mention that Julia had talked to her mom that morning and she was going to be praying that Brielle would sleep.  And she did!

So, if you’re hoping to get some cute sleeping baby pictures, a tired and hungry baby (while you may feel like you’re torturing your child, you’re not!!) is the way to go.

Jim and Julia, thank you so much for entrusting me to capture your sweet family as its grown this year.  Love you guys!

She was awake at first… but not for long.

Ah!  So precious.

And of course I love these :-)

  1. katie yuen says:

    that looks like the sweetest baby in the world!!! love that second black and white!

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