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April 15, 2014

Ceci + Ethan | Spring Clemson Engagement

They met towards the end of sophomore year as several friends from different Bible studies were going on a hike.  But it wasn’t the right time for the two of them because she was seeing someone else.  But as that relationship fizzled, Ethan and Ceci continued to see each other as their groups of friends would go on hikes or hang out on campus.  As their friendship grew, a deeper relationship was also growing.  So much so that they can’t even agree on their first date!  But that’s just how God has been working in them… slowly but intentionally.

This past Christmas, Ceci went home for break knowing she wouldn’t see Ethan for several weeks, but looking forward to see her family.  Under the ruse that she was dressing up to meet her cousin for extended family photos as a gift for her aunt, Ceci spent her first week home getting her nails done, having her hair cut and getting a new dress.  As she met her cousin that Friday and walked to the spot where they’d meet the photographer and the rest of their family, her cousin said she left her phone in the car and would be right back.  As Ceci stood under the palm trees against the ocean in Miami, she looked in the distance to see a guy walking towards her.  As he got closer she could not believe that Ethan was there.  In front of her.  But she knew immediately why he was there.  She couldn’t believe that this was real life.  But it was.  So when he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, she said yes.

I was so excited to spend a beautiful spring day in Clemson with these two.  It’s where they met and fell in love so it only made sense that we capture their engagement photos there.  Although, the best part about Clemson is that there are spots that look nothing like a college campus.  So, we got photos in some of those places so we could focus more on Ceci and Ethan than where they attend school.


It was such a gorgeous day and since they enjoy hiking so much, we started the session with a little hike of our own and a short break in the Eno.

Clemson-spring-engagement-102 Clemson-spring-engagement-103 Clemson-spring-engagement-104 Clemson-spring-engagement-105

Oh spring, I love your light, your blooming trees and the warmth you bring!

Clemson-spring-engagement-106 Clemson-spring-engagement-107 Clemson-spring-engagement-108 Clemson-spring-engagement-109 Clemson-spring-engagement-110

Ceci, you seriously have the best smile and the best laugh.  Both of which come out a lot when you’re with Ethan!

Clemson-spring-engagement-111 Clemson-spring-engagement-112 Clemson-spring-engagement-113 Clemson-spring-engagement-114 Clemson-spring-engagement-115 Clemson-spring-engagement-116 Clemson-spring-engagement-117

I just love these.

Clemson-spring-engagement-118 Clemson-spring-engagement-119 Clemson-spring-engagement-120 Clemson-spring-engagement-121 Clemson-spring-engagement-122 Clemson-spring-engagement-123

Before the sun dipped behind the clouds, we went over to the lake where they sometimes go for picnics, to hang out, or just to watch the sunset.
Little did I know that they would start dancing too!

Clemson-spring-engagement-124 Clemson-spring-engagement-125

I just love this…

Clemson-spring-engagement-126 Clemson-spring-engagement-127 Clemson-spring-engagement-128 Clemson-spring-engagement-129 Clemson-spring-engagement-130

This one is a favorite for sure!!

Clemson-spring-engagement-131 Clemson-spring-engagement-132 Clemson-spring-engagement-133

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