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April 8, 2013

Spring is Here!

It’s for real this time… I’ve checked the weather, I’ve been outside, and it actually seems legit.  Spring time is here!!!

I do have favorite seasons – spring and fall.  However, what I’ve realized is that what I really love is the CHANGE in seasons.  I’m not always big on change, but when we’ve been cold for a long time, I love the idea of being able to walk outside and instantly be warm. To feel the sun on my face and soak up the Vitamin D my skin has been longing for all winter.  And just the opposite, when we’ve had a brutally hot summer (103 F temps anyone?), I love being able to put on jeans, a long sleeve shirt and my rainbows.  But the thing about living in South Carolina is that those “in between” seasons of spring and fall seem to come and go much too quickly!

So, my goal for this week is to enjoy the mildly warm temperatures and enjoy NOT sweating when I walk out the front door!

What’s YOUR favorite season and why??

Happy Monday!

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