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November 1, 2013

The “Kiss & Smile” Technique

Can we get three cheers for it being FRIDAY?!?  hiphip – hurray!  HipHip – Hurray!  HIPHIP – HURRAY!!

And let’s get another cheer for this super simple and crazy effective posing technique.  I really can’t remember where I heard this or when I learned it, but I LOVE it.  Part of my goal in every session – whether it’s for engagement photos, anniversary photos, or on a wedding day – is to capture how connected the couple is.  So, when you look at my blog posts and see them holding hands, cuddling, getting snuggly, kissing or that just before or just after a kiss, all of these things are on purpose.

Sometimes it takes my couples a little while to get the hang of it because the majority of the time you aren’t really thinking about HOW you’re kissing, but when you’re in front of a camera, it really makes a difference!  And it’s SO simple.  When I ask a couple to kiss, I ask them that when they pull apart to smile at each other.  That’s it.  Easy peasy, right??

Obviously there is nothing wrong with the kissing photo, but it’s the photo just before or just after the kiss that I’m really looking for.  It’s that moment when they’re looking at each other, with nothing but love in their eyes that portrays the emotion of the moment.

Movement always gives life to photos too, so instead of just asking them to get really close and smile and stare at each other, the kiss-pull-apart-and-smile allows it to happen more naturally.  Go ahead… try it!

One more just to show you an example from a wedding day…

Happy Friday, everyone!

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