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July 15, 2013

The Newborn Twins

I love these two more than I thought possible.  And they’re not even my own flesh and blood!  Of course, I feel like I say that when each of my friends has a baby, but this time it’s doubled.  And it’s just so amazing that they’re here… and that there’s TWO of them!!

An added bonus is that their room is what used to be my room when Lindsay and I were roommates, so we have that bond too ;-)

As I mentioned in my Friday post, I’m not a newborn photographer.  So, all the ins and outs of newborn photography aren’t in my bag of tricks.  But, because their mommy and I are such good friends, my camera was all but begging to go with me when I met them the first couple of times.  And when a piece of equipment is begging, you really can’t say no.  All three of us did our best and got a few images that I just love.  So hopefully their mom and dad will enjoy them too.

Happy Monday, everyone!  These two are surely to make easing into the week MUCH easier!

The first time I held her in my arms and looked at her sweet face, I cried.

Her brother joined us for a few shots…

And the adorably cute boy/girl things outside?  Love them!

The pinwheels are to die for, but that bow on the mailbox??  Love it!

I went back when they were 6 days old and we captured a few more after their doctor’s appointment.
And I almost died after I saw this shot…

Unfortunately, he told us he didn’t want any more photos that day ;-)

Even when he’s fussy I love him to pieces!!

She was SO laid back… so she and I kept hanging out :-)

Possibly two of the sweetest photos EVER!

And her little nose?  PRECIOUS.

Seriously love her…

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