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December 17, 2012

The Toothpaste

There are so many reasons why we fit together.  And there are so many ways that each other’s strengths compliment the other’s weakness.  It’s still amazing to me that God really made us to fit together the way we do.  But, that’s how He works… and I’m so thankful.

But, it’s also the small things that we try not to overlook… like how we squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom.  And how we both will keep using that tube of toothpaste until there’s no way to get anymore out.

It’s so easy to only look at the bigger picture, but it’s the small things that help make up that bigger picture.

Here’s to a wonderful Monday… and taking everything in.  Especially the small things.

  1. Ashley Therese says:

    I just love this! You two are so perfect together!!!

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