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January 8, 2016

The Truth

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/hannah-wes-wedding This past year was a little more hectic than I imagined and full of more love than I knew could exist this side of heaven.  Catherine joining our family was by far the highlight of mine and Ben’s year… this sweet, precious, spitty-uppy, squirmy wormy of a baby stole our hearts the second she came into this world and she continues to fill us with joy on the daily.

But now that it’s a new year, that means she’s about to turn 1 (what??) and I’m trying to dream big again for my business.  There are lots of things I feel like I didn’t accomplish last year and many things that I completely fell short on.  Which basically means I’m scared to fail again.  I’m scared to dream because what if none of those dreams become reality?

There.  I said it.

Jennifer of Jennifer Stuart Wedding Photography blogged her heart yesterday and I told her that I could have basically written the same post.  But do you know what it did?  It gave me encouragement.  It gave me new hope.  God used it to remind me that He still needs me to work this business He gave me, to dream big dreams and let Him guide me through them.

And for the first time in what seems like forever, I took some actual action steps to start making room for those dreams to happen.  It’s so easy for me to become complacent… to get into a routine and stick to it.  But Catherine has forced me out of that because each time we get used to one way of doing things, she learns something new, hits a new milestone, and we have to readjust how we do things!

So… here’s to a new year, new dreams, and working through fear.

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