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June 26, 2012

Train Track Session

This family is no stranger to the blog… well, actually, this is their first time on the NEW blog, but you know what I mean :-)  But, here’s a quick update all the same: Natalie and I were roommates at Clemson, she and Josh were married in 2004, I came home from Belgium and was in their wedding a week later (I think I was over the jet lag by then…), they had Adri in 2007, Cooper came along in the fall of 2009, Adri was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2010 (you can read more about that here), and Emory came along in March 2011.  And they are one of the most precious families ever.  God has taken them through so much and it has done nothing but strengthen my faith to watch Josh and Natalie cling to God through everything.

It’s actually a wonder that these kids know who I am at all because I’ve had a camera in all of their faces since they were born (makes me sad for my own children already, ha!). I adore these kids and love them to pieces.  But, I’m going to get a little real with you here… well, you will probably be able to see it in the pictures, but it just helps all of us stay real and realize that life isn’t picture perfect.  Natalie thinks that my camera might have been possessed the day we met for pictures (and I might have to agree with her some! lol) because after a few shots of the kids just 5 minutes after climbing out of the car, a couple of them decided they didn’t want much of anything to do with the camera.  But, here’s what I love about Josh and Natalie… 1) they’re awesome parents and to watch them parent in not-so-fun situations has been a blessing to me because they’ve allowed me to see that their family isn’t perfect.  Because a perfect family doesn’t exist!  And 2) Josh and Natalie roll with the flow!!  You’ll see what I’m talking about after you scroll down a bit :-)

So, with no further ado… let me introduce to you (again), one of my favorite families.

I love how their little personalities jump out of this image.

Their little performer!

Cooper was brewing something…

Little did we know he was thinking of a dance.
He’s their little goofball :-)


And Emory?

I’m going to say he’s their little explorer.


Still blows me away that he’s walking!


I believe this one will be shown at her rehearsal dinner one day.  You know, when she’s 40 ;-)


You can’t help but love her to pieces!

Ok, you know how you (or your kids) hit that stage where mom’s kisses were “eww”??  Well, Cooper is there now.

And it’s SO funny!


And you better believe that if you’re going to resist mom’s kisses, you’re definitely going to get some more :-)

They might not fully get each other yet, but Cooper and Emory love each other.

And these pictures below?  This is Josh and Natalie going with the flow.
And they might be some of my favorite pictures… EVER.

And then it was mommy and daddy time.

You guys have no idea how much your relationship has encouraged me and given me more faith over these last 8 years.
I would even dare say that watching you guys helped my marriage LONG before I met Ben.

  1. Elisha Petree says:

    These family pictures are so priceless! I love how you finish it by just pictures of mommy and daddy…where it all began :)

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