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October 13, 2015

Turner + Ben | Downtown Airport Engagement Session

The weather was less than ideal, but the 80% chance of rain had continued to drop and we’d all decided that we were going to brave this session no matter what the weather! Ben is starting flight school later this month so his opportunities to get off base will be fewer… but even with all of that against us, I’m in love with how their session turned out!

This is the third time Turner and Ben have been in front of my camera in the last couple of years and I’m beyond excited with how God keeps working in their lives.  And how I’m so thankful they keep asking me to document their memories! They were friends for such a long time and while it took Turner a little longer to realize Ben was more than just a friend, I think both of them would agree it was worth the wait.

Thank you guys for trusting me with capturing your lives in photos… from college graduation to engagement and then your wedding next summer, I couldn’t ask for a sweeter couple to be spending so much time with!  I really am beyond blessed with the people God brings into my life through this camera.

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-101 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-102 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-103 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-104 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-105 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-106 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-107 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-108 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-109

Y’all know I love some black and white images… give me a couple in love and an airplane and we’re in for some incredibly romantic photos!


The raindrops on the wing of the plane were PERFECT for a shot of Turner’s gorgeous ring!

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-111 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-112 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-113

Oh my gosh, you two are the best!

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-114 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-115

Ben and I had our wedding reception at this same airport and one of my favorite images is a pose similar to this… I can’t wait until we can get another one of this soldier sweeping his bride off her feet on their wedding day!

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-116 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-117 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-118 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-119

It was a tight squeeze inside, but they didn’t mind one bit.

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-120 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-121



Goodness, Ben, Turner’s ring is just gorgeous!!


Ben, first and foremost, thank you for being willing to serve our country.  I know your journey in the Air Force is just beginning but we are SO thankful for all that you’re already doing!  And Turner, thank you for all of the sacrifices you’re already making for this life in the military.  I know it’s not easy, but I also know the support you have around you is incredible.  So, thank you for your sacrifices too!

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-125 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-126

Oh goodness, this one’s a favorite for sure.


Oh my heavens, y’all are SO good together!

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-128 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-129 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-130 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-131 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-132 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-133

Girl, I know you were freezing and the wind wasn’t always kind with your hair but holy moly did it work for this shot!!

downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-134 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-135 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-136 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-137 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-138 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-139 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-140 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-141 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-142 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-144 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-143 downtown-airport-engagement-photos-greenville-145

A huge thanks to all the hands that made this session work!  To my friend Phillip Shields for initiating getting this session scheduled, to Doug Goldstrom of Special Services Corporation for all of his help, and to Turner’s mom and friend Stephanie for their helping hands too!!

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