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March 12, 2014

United 2014 | A Beach Styled Shoot

One of the beautiful things about United is the generosity of other photographers as well as the spontaneity that can happen.  On Tuesday, Julie Story told me that the following day, she and her sister were going to be getting all dolled up for a styled sister shoot on the beach.  It was for fun and for anyone that wanted some more time to shoot!  Come Wednesday, plans had changed a bit and it was just going to be Julie’s sister, Lecia, modeling for us.  Turns out, even though Lecia is behind the camera quite a bit – doing her thing and making women feel absolutely beautiful – it had been about 2 years since she’d been on the other side of the camera herself.  So, the amazingly talented woman that she is, she did her own hair and makeup and then we followed her outside to the beach.

The only times I’ve ever done a styled shoot have been at United.  Which means the only work I do for these is to photograph and sometimes direct whomever is in front of my camera.  But what this really means is that I need to make this happen for myself.  It’s been a dream of mine for at least a year now to put together my own styled shoot and I’ve been dragging my feet like you wouldn’t believe.  So, I’m putting it out there, for the entire Internet to see, that I’m going to get the ball rolling on this… pronto!

What was so fun about this shoot – aside from getting to know Lecia a bit and hanging out with Julie (who is designing my new branding as we speak!) and two of their good (and super fun) friends while dodging rain drops – was that it was so different from my norm.  Because there were a handful of us, I shot with my 70-200 lens about 90% of the time.  I hardly ever use that lens (although I couldn’t shoot wedding ceremonies without it) so it was fun and it was a stretch for me to just use that lens.  And you know what?  I loved it.  The other fun part was posing Lecia.  Most of the ideas came from the other girls but it helped me gain some knowledge on posing one woman by herself and what looks best.  PLUS (yes, there’s more!), this was way more styled/fashioned/Vanity Fair than I ever do and it was so much fun!

But enough rambling… onto the photos.

This one’s a favorite!

Y’all know that pink isn’t my favorite of colors, but this dress!  Seriously to die for.

I’m always so amazed by how God decided to make women beautiful… and I’m so thankful that I get the opportunity to capture their beauty.
Whether it’s on a wedding day, at an engagement session, or a styled shoot, ALL women are beautiful!

I had a hard time deciding whether to put the one below in color or black and white, but I’m falling head over heels for the black and white one!

Gah!  Lecia!!  So gorgeous!

Seriously stunning.  Thank you for letting me tag along and capture you, Lecia!!


Bridal Gown: House Of Style

Hair & Makeup: Lecia McDermott 

Model: Lecia McDermott

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