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December 20, 2016

When to Book Your Wedding Photographer

Even after 8 years of being a photographer, I still get really excited when I get an inquiry in my inbox!  I can’t wait to see if it’s a bride and groom or a birth mom expecting a baby.  And I love it when they give me so much information about themselves in that inquiry that I feel like I know them a little bit before I even respond to them!

But the moment I see their wedding date, I know immediately if it’s going to work out or not because if I’m already booked, my heart sinks because I have to email them back saying that I’m not available.

And I get it, it’s hard booking vendors!  You have to find that perfect date where your dream church, reception venue, and photographer are all available.


But let me present it this way… once the wedding day is over, you’ll depart your reception after having the most amazing day.  The food will have been eaten, the clean-up will begin, and within a few hours, the church and reception site will be empty and waiting for the next event to happen.

But those photos?  Those are going to be around for decades.  They’ll be the images that your grandchildren will look at one day, they’ll be the photos that will be framed at their weddings when you’re celebrating your own 50th wedding anniversary.  The venue – no matter how wonderful and beautiful it was on your big day! – may not even exist anymore (although I hope for the sake of all businesses, that’s not the case!).

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The other thing that most people don’t realize is that the bride will spend the majority of her wedding day with her photographer!  Even with a First Look, she won’t even see her husband as much on their wedding as she will see their photographer.  So not only do you want to like the work that your photographer does, you want to enjoy being around them!!

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But that’s the beauty of wedding photography these days… yes, it seems like it’s a saturated market, but I like to view it as there being a photographer out there who is a perfect fit for every bride.  There’s a reason that I don’t book every wedding that comes my way!  Because I’m not the best fit for every bride that contacts me!

So to answer the question, “When do I book my wedding photographer?”  My answer is to at least check with your preferred photographer FIRST!  Nothing has been more flattering than when brides have contacted me to find out what dates I have available around the time they’re wanting to get married.  They then take those handful of dates to find out when their other dream vendors are available and narrow their wedding date down from there!

I realize that this may not always work, but in the past week, I’ve had 3 inquiries for the same date and I’ve been booked on that date for months now.  However, I do have that Friday and Saturday available!  Except that they’ve already booked their venues and aren’t able to move their date.  See?  It’s tough planning a wedding!

But hopefully this post (as well as these HERE) helps take some of that stress away.  Happy engagement season, everyone!  Can’t wait to see some beautiful bling in my news feeds in the coming weeks :-)

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