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August 27, 2014

Whitney + Jordan | The Reserve at Lake Keowee

She had dubbed it “The Best Day Ever” long before it had arrived.  And when we walked in the door on Saturday, Whitney was SO excited!  She smiled the entire day and soaked it all in, but still looked after everyone else as though it was THEIR day and not hers.  But that’s just how she is.  As the day went on, I realized that those traits came straight from her family.  All of them, her mom especially, were so kind and loving and appreciative of us being there.

But Jordan’s family was just the same and it was so clear – as if it hadn’t been already – why these two were such a good fit.  Jordan walked through his wedding day as if he were made for it… to stand up and promise to love and cherish Whitney for the rest of their lives.  But more importantly, he accepted the promise to put Christ even above her.

Whitney and Jordan, it has been SO much fun getting to know you both these past 8 months and Ben and I are so excited for the two of you and this new adventure that you’re just beginning.  I hope you’re enjoying every moment in Costa Rica, but more importantly that you won’t have to say goodbye and go to separate cities at the end of the week!  Much love, sabrina

An extra thanks and shout out to Kristy Koliope photographing with me since Ben and his crew were shooting video of the day! Lake-Keowee-Wedding-101

This dress is so beautiful… but mostly because Whitney was the fourth woman in her family to wear it!  It began with her grandmother, then her mom and aunt, and now her.

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-102 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-103 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-104 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-105 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-106 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-107 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-108 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-109 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-110

Everything about Whitney’s details were so classic and so very southern!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-111 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-112 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-113

And those details included monograms, monograms and more monograms!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-114 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-115 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-115b Lake-Keowee-Wedding-116

It was hard to believe that she was buttoning the dress she wore on her wedding day for her own daughter’s wedding. And I wonder if that’s how Whitney’s grandmother felt when Whitney’s mom got married…


Whitney’s family is from Kentucky and one of the traditions they have is to bury a bottle of bourbon, upside down, a month before the wedding to ward off bad weather. Whitney and her parents buried it a month ago and Jordan came to dig it up on August 23 so that everyone could have a drink before the ceremony. Between that and LOTS of prayers, God literally parted the storm around their wedding day site… I wish I had a video of the radar map from my phone to show you.  It was amazing!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-118 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-119

Jordan!  So very dapper in your tux and bow tie!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-120 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-121 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-122 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-123

The girls toasted to good weather and The Best Day Ever!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-124 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-125 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-126 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-127

Oh my heavens, I love these dresses!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-128 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-129 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-130 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-131

I just adored this wedding party… the girls and guys were all so much fun!


And not to mention beautiful!!!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-133 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-134 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-135 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-136

Oh Whitney… You are stunning.

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-137 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-138 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-139 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-140 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-141

They wanted to write each other notes and pray together before the ceremony… and it was just as sweet as you imagine it was.

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-142 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-143 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-144

Whitney’s grandmother seeing her granddaughter in the dress before the wedding had all of us in tears.

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-145 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-146 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-147 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-148 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-149 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-150

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-151 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-152 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-153 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-154 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-155 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-156 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-157 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-158 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-159 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-160 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-161 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-162 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-163 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-164


Lake-Keowee-Wedding-165 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-166 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-167 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-168 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-169 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-170 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-171 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-172 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-173

All four beautiful women who have worn the dress!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-174 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-175 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-176 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-177 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-178 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-179 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-180 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-181

This is by far a favorite from the day!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-182 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-183 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-184 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-185 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-186 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-187 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-188 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-189 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-190

I love that she had photos of the dress and her family wearing it!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-191 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-192 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-193 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-194 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-195 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-196 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-197 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-198 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-199 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-200 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-201 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-202 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-203

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is sneaking off with a couple before sunset… especially with light like this and a backdrop like that!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-204 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-205 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-206 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-207

Gah!  Love!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-208 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-209

So thankful for Kristy capturing this one!

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-210 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-211

I really could have photographed these two for another full day…

Lake-Keowee-Wedding-212 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-213 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-214 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-215 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-216 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-217 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-218 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-219 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-220 Lake-Keowee-Wedding-221

What a better send off than with orange and purple pom-poms the week before Clemson’s opening game of the season?!?


Congrats, you two!!


So thankful for everyone that made this the Best Day Ever for Whitney & Jordan!
Ceremony & Reception | The Reserve at Lake Keowee
Wedding Coordinator | I Do EventsBrittany Mann
Wedding Dress | Priscilla of Boston, first worn by her grandmother
Bridesmaids Dresses | Bella Bridesmaid, by LulaKate
Groomsmen’s Suits | Jos A Banks
Cinematography | Fields Films
Hair & Makeup Artist | Megan Diez Salon
Florals | Statice Floral Couture
Band | Kat Williams
Wedding Invitations | Etcetera of Louisville
Cake | Kathy & Co.
Catering | The Reserve at Lake Keowee

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