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October 14, 2013

Why Hello Monday…

Oh my goodness… last week was, well… it was amazing.  It was a little chaotic getting out the door on Tuesday for the Pursuit31 Conference, and even when I got there I felt a bit disconnected until after we’d been there an entire day.  But come Thursday, God had me ready to receive and to even deal with some things that I didn’t realize needed to be dealt with.  But, more on all of that later.

Friday was bittersweet with coming home, but getting to spend Friday on a date with my amazing husband and having him keenly interested and wanting to listen to everything I had to tell him was well worth the trip home.  I just love that man… and I’m so thankful for him.

These next two weeks are going to be SO much fun and I was looking forward to today and getting into the two engagement sessions I had last week.  Until we were watching The Walking Dead last night on Netflix and it just stopped because our internet was out!  Yes, I realize this is very much a #firstworldproblem but it also hinders my work day since I work from home.  So last night I was already thinking through plan B and what today would look like. Clearly I needed to get to work and worry about calling the internet company later so I was going to edit this morning then camp out at Starbucks in the afternoon (with a pumpkin spice chai latte of course) so respond to last week’s emails, work on blog posts and start PASSing some images.  Well, low and behold I sit down at my desk this morning and give the internet a try.  And it’s working (obviously)!!

So, in lieu of a regular blog post, I thought I’d say hello to Monday and thank it for being more enjoyable than I could have expected.  And yes, I’ll probably still go to Starbucks this afternoon because that pumpkin spice chai latte is already calling my name!

And just to tide everyone over until tomorrow and later this week, here are a couple of peeks at what’s in the works :-)

Kristi and Davis… y’all are adorable and seeing you two with leaves on the ground in one of my favorite places on earth makes me SO happy!

Rachel and Tony… your smiles are putting a huge smile on my face!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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