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August 12, 2013

Yeah That Greenville

Not too long ago, I started seeing friends use the hashtag #yeahthatgreenville on Instagram.  I’m not sure how that particular hashtag was started, but I love it.  There are many “Greenvilles” around the country so if someone was asking about our Greenville in SC, then someone might say, “Yep!  That Greenville!”  At least that’s how I imagined it happening in my head :-)

As it happens with any place you live or visit often, you begin NOT taking photos of that place.  Which is exactly why I conducted an experiment for myself when I went to Paris alone back in 2009.  So yesterday, while I was in between a meeting and a session… and dodging the rain drops!… I tried looking at downtown Greenville a little differently.  I never take photos of our city anymore and I’m declaring now that I’m going to change that.  I love our city… especially downtown!  Rumors have said that it’s in the top 10 downtown areas in the country.  Which is an easy rumor to believe!

If you’re out and about this week – in Greenville or elsewhere – try to look at it differently.  And whether you have your camera phone or a professional grade camera, see what photos you can take that you might not take otherwise.  Easy ways to do this… look up, look down, look through things, look at things that you might otherwise not look at.

And if you’re taking photos of Greenville, be sure to add #yeahthatgreenville to it when you post it so we can all take a look!

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