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December 16, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things

There are SO MANY THINGS I love about Christmas but as I was putting this board together, I realized that most of what I love is the sights and sounds and smells that only come around once a year.  And while part of me wishes it was Christmas all the time, it just wouldn’t be quite as special if we always had these things!  So, here are just a FEW of my many favorite things about Christmas!

  1. Christmas Cookies!!  I mean really, enough said, right?
  2. Wrapping gifts.  Sometimes I can really get into wrapping presents and I love adding beautifully tied bows and pretty gift tags.  I LOVE seeing a theme of gift wrap under a tree, but I’m refraining from going crazy with that until all the paper I currently have is gone.  So, until I can have a theme under my tree, I’ll just go with “as pretty as I can make them” until all the paper and tags can coordinate (there’s a bit of OCD in these sentences, but I’m ok with that).
  3. Starbucks Red Cups. I always get so giddy when the red cups appear at Starbucks!
  4. Point of Grace: A Christmas Story.  Holy cow I love this album.  The first time I heard it was when my roommate in college played the cassette tape… and then I made a copy of it and listened to it ALL the time.  Sometimes even in the middle of the summer.  Luckily I eventually got a CD of it so it’s on my iTunes playing as I write this blog post. *happy girl*
    PS – in doing a search for a photo of this album I came across a site that has an UNWRAPPED cassette tape for sale!  Hello, 1999, I didn’t know you were still within an arm’s reach!
  5. Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie.  Um… if you haven’t smelled this candle, you MUST find one.  I promise you won’t want to leave it in the store once you do.  Just as much as this is Christmas in a jar, this candle is actually Christmas baking in a jar!
  6. Christmas Eve service.  I’ve always loved Christmas Eve services, but even more so when it’s downtown in a 150 year old building with all the lights turned down and worshiping with friends and family (if you’d like to come, it will be at 5pm on December 24!).
  7. Christmas Lights!  If we’re home, our Christmas lights are on and there’s either a candle burning (see #5 above) or the Christmas jar is simmering.

What are some of your favorite Christmas things??

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