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July 15, 2015

A Mid-Summer Canvas Contest

It’s really hard to believe that it’s already the middle of July.  Technically the middle of the year is July 2, so we’ve already passed the halfway mark of 2015… so to celebrate I thought we could have a little contest (it’s also my nephew’s 16th birthday (what???), Ben’s parent’s anniversary AND his sister and brother-in-law’s anniversary, so there’s a little extra reason to celebrate!).



The fun part is that this is for ALL of my clients, past and present.  So, friends, family and clients who I photographed way back when?  You can enter too!

We just ordered a 16×20 canvas of Catherine and I’m SO in love with it that I want to give one away.  So, whomever wins gets to choose a photo from any session they’ve had with me to be printed onto a 16×20 canvas.  There are a few rules so be sure you read through them so that each entry will count!  I’ll be deleting entries that don’t follow these rules, so pay close attention!

  • Anyone who has had a session with me since I began shooting digital (~2009) is eligible to enter.
  • Anyone can enter for a past or present client.  Each time someone enters for a client, it will count as 1 “vote”.
  • To enter, simply leave a comment below with the person, family, or couple’s names that you would like to vote for.
  • An extra “vote” will be added if you also tell me a reason why you like the person/family/couple that you voted for :-)
  • The person, family, or couple with the most “votes” by Friday at 8am will win!
  • Only one entry per email and IP address (I will be double checking and duplicates or extra email entries will be deleted!)
  • Clients who have not had a session with me yet but who have signed a contract are eligible too! Should you win, you can hold off on ordering your canvas until after you engagement/wedding/birth session.

So, now’s the time to spread the word!  Email friends and family, post on social media, text everyone on your contact list!  And to make it even easier, you can copy and paste the quote below to Facebook, Twitter, or onto a text message:

Help me win a canvas from Sabrina Fields Photography! See how on her blog here: http://wp.me/p2qftZ-4qz


  1. Anne Wood & Steve Kosenko says:

    Anne Wood & Steve Kosenko :)

  2. Ashley says:

    I vote for me!

  3. Melissa Theodore says:

    Ben and Holly Snyder
    I love Ben and Holly because they are a special part of my famy.

  4. Destiny Cross says:

    I love sabrina’s use of light! I also love the way she captures the small moments that go on in the session …I cant wait for her to photograph our wedding!

  5. Barbara Dansby says:

    Steve K. and Anne Wood

  6. Barbara Hendrix says:

    My vote is for KAREN AND BRAD SUMMER because Brad is my son. Karen my new daughter. You did an awesome job at their sweet wedding!

  7. Mandy says:

    My vote is for Anne Wood & Steve Kosenko who had their beautiful engagement photos with you! I love Miss Anne because she just meets you where you are, and loves you for you. She and Steve make a gorgeous couple, and I wish them many happy years to come!

  8. Daniel Whitmire says:

    I vote for Daniel and Destiny, Sabrina was so easy to work with.

  9. Karen Summer says:

    I would LOVE to win a canvas from my wedding day!!! I mean, we can vote for ourselves, right?? ;) With our package, Brad and I chose to do the engagement session, rather than a bridal portrait session. Unfortunately, I was not financially able to add a bridal session in before our wedding day, BUT there is a GORGEOUS photo that you caught of me before the ceremony that would be a perfect bridal portrait! I will be sharing this with as many people as I can! :)

  10. Brad Summer says:

    I vote for Karen Summer and myself because we are awesome and my wife is beautiful!

  11. Ali says:

    Karen and Brad Summer….afterall, their name (summer) is right in your contest description (a mid-summer canvas contest)! And they are the sweetest and absolutely deserving of a beautiful piece of art to commemorate their lovely day documented by you! ♡♡♡

  12. Gina Horton says:

    Karen & Brad!!! They are such a beautiful couple! Everything Sabrina captured from their big day was absolutely stunning and I would love to see a hanging canvas everytime I go over!! :) I love Karen and Brad, they deserve this!

  13. ginny says:

    Ginny and Rony Chan
    Because it’s was our wedding ;)

  14. Meg korpita says:

    Karen and brad summer!

  15. Sarah D says:

    I vote for Ginny and Rony Chan! They are an awesome couple!

  16. Marjorie Shew says:

    I vote for Rony and Ginny Chan as they are are a lovely couple!

  17. Cammy Thompson says:

    Brad and Karen Summer. They should win, because they photograph well.

  18. Eddie Rexroad says:

    I vote for Ginny & Rony Chan. Best daughter & son-in-law.

  19. Ashley Miller says:

    I would love to win a canvas of mine and Clay’s wedding photos! They are so gorgeous and we’re still in need of some beautification on the walls of our lil studio! :)

  20. Kasey says:

    Clay and ashley miller

  21. Jessica Vickery says:

    Clay and Ashley Miller!!!

  22. Emily says:

    Clay and Ashley Miller!

  23. Mary-Catherine McClain says:

    I vote for MC (me) and Michael, because the photos you took at our engagement session are just perfect and too beautiful! I want to use this canvass when we move to our new place, and to remind Michael how awesome and wonderful and fabulous he is – a constant reminder of our love on the wall in our home :)

  24. Beth Selby says:

    Love Ashley & Clay Millers photos!!

  25. Shelley Peterson says:

    Anne Wood and Steve Kosenko!! I’ve known Anne since she was born and I was 8.5mo! Yeah first cousins! We were pen-pals when snail mail was the only way besides calling on a landline telephone. Anne is such an awesome happy smiling lady who finally found an amazing man to love and be loved :) the photos you did for their engagement pictures were amazing!

  26. Helen Selby says:

    So happy to put my vote in for Clay and Ashley Miller!!!

    The reason being they are so special to me and you captured their day beautifully!!

  27. Melinda says:

    I vote for Clay and Ashley Miller because they are adorable and they should have a canvas of their adorableness for their new apartment in SF. :)

  28. Marleigh Selby says:

    Ashley and Clay!!

  29. Jessica Keown says:

    Clay and Ashley Miller

  30. Susan says:

    I am voting for Michael and MC. The pictures are gorgeous and a true reflection of the beauty of their love.

  31. Sarah says:

    Ginny and Rony Chan!!

  32. Celeste and Brandon Green says:

    We’re voting for ourselves because we the way you captured our wedding and we love the look of canvases : )

  33. Chelsea says:

    I vote for MaryCatherine and Michael! The photos you took of their recent engagement were the best I’ve seen and they DESERVE to be on a canvas. Plus, MC and Michael are pretty much the sweetest couple out there.

  34. Ann herbert says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine and Michael!!!!!! So in Love.

  35. Mary says:

    Brandon and Celeste because you did an excellent job photographing their day and the extraordinary love between the two of them!

  36. beth gray says:

    Brandon and Celeste Green. Because they are my awesome nephew and new niece. :-)

  37. Hannah says:

    Ashley and Clay Miller!!!

  38. Amy Simmons says:

    I VOTE for Mary-Catherine and Michael because they are the two sweetest people in the world and deserve the best!!! MC is my first cousin/like my niece, and there will never be another one like her. Their pictures also were AMAZING!!!! You did a great job!!!

  39. Laura Marsch says:

    I vote for Destiny and Daniel. She is in my D group and she has such a great personality and they deserve to have a nice canvas to share their day with everyone!

  40. Margaret Hicks says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine McLain and Michael. I have known MC since she was a young child. She is very deserving. I don’t know her fiancé but if she picked him out, I’m sure he is great

  41. Cassie says:

    Emily and Adam Obrian because they are wonderful and beautiful people! Their pics are magazine worthy!

  42. I vote for Mary Catherine and Michael, because her mother said I should!

  43. Emily says:

    Clay and Ashley Miller

  44. Natalie Patterson says:

    I vote for my family! :)

  45. Kristin Burke says:


  46. Beth Gates says:

    I think you should give a canvas to the Patterson family to display a photo of their beautiful foster family, because being a foster parent is incredibly demanding work and they can’t share pictures of their family with the world…but they can hang them up in their home!

  47. Sheila says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine and Michael! Absolute perfection in every photo of such a beautiful couple!!!

  48. Tori Kimble says:

    I vote for the Patterson family, so they can have a big, beautiful canvas of their foster family!! They’re the bomb!!

  49. Sara Hanlon says:

    I’m voting for Celeste and Brandon because I feel obligated to as their sister ;). The photos came out great and would look really nice printed on canvas!

  50. Lisa Henson says:

    I’m voting for Natalie Patterson and her family. They need a big beautiful canvas of their lovely foster family since they can’t share it on social media!

  51. Bill McAbee says:

    I vote for MaryCatherine and Michael.

  52. Angela says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine McClain and Michael Riner….Stunning !!

  53. Allison says:

    I vote for the Patterson family because those kids are just too cute :)

  54. Kelli Moore says:

    I vote for Josh and Natalie Patterson. I believe they deserve to win because they pour so much love into other people – especially their foster children.

  55. Jane says:

    I am voting for Karen Elizabeth Burcham Summer and Brad Summer.

  56. Susan says:

    Clay and Ashley Miller!!!

    We love them and they are special because they are family!!! Their wedding pictures are beautiful and a canvas would brighten their home with cherished memories…

  57. Kathy Hall says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine McClain and Michael Riner. The pictures are beautiful and this couple is also beautiful!

  58. Fay Brown says:

    Vote for Mike and Mary Catherine

  59. Denise Burcham says:

    My vote is a bit biased, Karen and Brad Summer! They hold a special place in my heart and you captured some beautiful moments at their wedding! Thanks so much.

  60. Marc Burcham says:

    I vote for Brad and Karen Summer because their photos were breathtaking. Also because Sabrina is such a longtime friend…one of the family.

  61. Mimi Anderson says:

    Mary Catherine and Michael are my favorite to win. Such an incredibly beautiful couple with even more beautiful souls.

  62. I vote for MC McLain and Michael. Beautiful.

  63. Michael Riner says:

    I vote for Mary -Catherine McClain and Michael Riner bc my fiancé to be is the most amazing and beautiful angel in the world. Thanks for such an awesome experience! !

  64. Robin Lombino says:

    I vote for the Patterson family! I know they would LOVE a big beautiful canvas of their foster family since they can’t share it on social media. This would make them so very happy! Thank you so much! :)

  65. Beth says:

    MC and Michael!!!!!!! Every picture is beautiful!!!

  66. Amber says:

    I VOTE for Mary-Catherine and Michael because they are so kind and deserve to win!! Their pictures also were Beautiful !!!! You did a great job!!! Thank you!

  67. i vote for Mary Catherine and Michael, they are picture perfect!!!

  68. Megan Senn Bennett says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine and Michael! The pictures are just gorgeous!!!

  69. Tom Theodore says:

    Holly and Ben Snyder

  70. Vic says:

    MaryCatherine and Michael

  71. Jessica Leigh says:

    Mary Catherine and Michael! The photos capture just how special of a couple they are, and how perfect for one another!

  72. Anna Stadel says:

    My vote is for Mary-Catherine McClain and Michael Riner. MC has been the best roomie this past year and I’m thrilled she found her Prince Charming in a great guy like Michael. You captured their sweet love beautifully!

  73. Katie says:

    Mary Catherine & Michael, because they are adorable and deserve it! Mary Catherine was one of my sorority sisters!

  74. Michelle Ricketson says:

    Mary Catherine & Michael look so natural and in love. Best wishes!

  75. Omar Ibrahim says:

    Putting in my vote for MaryCatherine Elizabeth McClain and Michael Riner! Great Pictures!

  76. Jeff Ricketson says:

    Mary Catherine and Michael congratulations!

  77. Beth berryman says:

    Natalie Patterson! They are an awesome family that has opened their hearts and their home to foster children.

  78. Elizabeth Schulenburg says:

    I vote for the Patterson family – their work with foster kids is life changing, and it would be great for them to have a canvas of their foster kids for their home, especiallly since they can’t share it on FB or other social media.

  79. Morgan says:

    I vote for Ashley and Clay Miller!! :)

  80. Rebekah Thompson says:

    I vote for Michael and MC! Truly a beautiful couple inside and out!

  81. Bethany Marlow says:

    I vote for the Patterson family! They give so much by fostering children, and it would be wonderful to have a beautiful canvas of their precious children.

  82. Covington says:

    I vote for MC and Michael because my delta sister is AMAZING and always supportive!!

  83. Amanda Novak says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine and Michael! Super sweet couple!!

  84. Rebecca says:

    Love Mary-Catherine McClain and Michael! They’re a beautiful, loyal and very trustworthy pair (not to mention good looking and fun to photograph, I bet!)

  85. Georgeanna says:

    MC and Michael. Went to college with MC, she is as sweet and genuine as they come.

  86. Erica C says:

    Mary Catherine and Michael Riner! I am so excited that MC has found someone who compliments her and treasures her so much. She deserves it! The pictures are great!

  87. Emily Davis says:

    Mary Catherine and Michael! The photos are beautiful, and this sweet couple is very deserving!

  88. Amy says:

    I vote for MC and Michael. You nailed it – there’s never been a better cheerleader for anyone she’s met than MC. Also, it’d be nice to support someone who champions body image and self esteem with a canvass.

  89. Robynn says:

    I vote for MC and MIchael. Their photos are beautiful!

  90. McKenzie says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine McClain and Michael!! Their session was breathtaking and they are two beautiful souls.

  91. Leigh Blaisdell says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine McClain and her fiance. MC is always a friend who supports and truly cares for those around her. I know that she will be an amazing wife and could not be happier for this beautiful couple!

  92. Nell Green says:

    I vote for brandon and celeste because a canvas of one of your photos of their beautiful daynis exactly what their new home together needs!

  93. Desiree says:

    Commenting for Mary-Catherine McClain and her fiancé Michael Reiner. The engagement photos were beautiful and captured the essence of their relationship.

  94. Meghann McCall says:

    Rony & Giny Chan is my vote! Love those people-the photographs you took were an amazing and special way to celebrate this sweet couple!

  95. Megan says:

    Rony & Ginny Chan. Great, deserving couple!

  96. Leland says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine and Michael! MC is such a kind, thoughtful and caring friend- she deserves a fun prize!

  97. Lara Hrabota says:

    I vote for MCabd Michael because they are fricken adorable and KC is literally he nicest person I know. I think they deserve some extra love for their big day.

  98. Brittany Arms says:

    Beautiful work ♡ I’m voting Destiny and Daniel all the way!

  99. Paul Arms says:

    Destiny and Daniel whoop whoop! Lookin good guys!

  100. Amber says:

    Destiny & Daniel!!! They are two awesome people and I love them!!! Destiny and Daniel are funny, sweet and kind! ❤️

  101. Christine sareault says:

    I love Destiny because she has been amazing for my two years at Publix..she is a manager with a heart

  102. Ruth says:

    I vote for Brandon and Celeste Green. Their wedding day was the definition of “family.” You did a beautiful job of capturing the essence of family with pictures of Celeste dancing with Ava, the moment in the ceremony when Ava was included by B, Celeste and Pastor Christie, the dancing of so many of the Green family with Nell’s dad, the family and friends from near and far, etc. Beautiful job, Sabrina. Any of those photos would be beautiful on canvas.

  103. Meredith says:

    I would like to leave a comment for Mary-Catherine McClain and her fiancé Michael Reiner. Their engagement photos are gorgeous and in all of the years I have known MC I have never seen her happier – wonderful work!

  104. Sarah says:

    I vote for Mary Catherine McClain and Michael!

  105. gerra says:

    I vote for Destiny Cross, I love that lady so much. She has worked so hard for this wedding and deserves this!!! She is a hard working woman and super sweet she needs this win

  106. Debbie Moss says:

    I’m adding my vote for Brandon & Celeste! The canvas would bless their home richly as they (and we who attended!) remember how richly God has blessed them!!

  107. Karen says:

    I vote for Brandon and Celeste Green.You cpature the essence of love and celebration at their wedding.

  108. Vera J Cox says:

    I vote for Destiny Cross & Daniel Whitmire the picture were GREAT!

  109. Dhv says:

    Celeste & Brandon :)

  110. Rony Chan says:

    The obvious? Ginny & Rony :)

  111. Stevie Stigler says:

    I vote for Michael and Mary-Catherine! First, the pictures are absolutely stunning…the lighting, the creativity, and the story that unfold in each picture are literally priceless and something only a skilled photographer can capture. Second, the absolutely amazing individuals in the photos are such wonderful people and are knowingly beautiful on the outside and much more beautiful on the inside. Each of these individuals reflects words such as loyalty, commitment, respect, and love. Love for one another and love for their friends and family, a truly inspiring couple to know and call my friends!! Congrats on your Engagement and I LOVE your Engagement Pictures! –stevie

  112. Dawn Healy says:

    I vote for Michael and Mary-Catherine because they are such super, smiley, sweet people who have sparkly personalities!

  113. Geoffrey spoerl says:

    I vote for Daniel and destiny. I love them because they have shown me kindness, friendship and will always be there for me no matter what challenges I come up against.

  114. Ashley Durham says:

    MaryCatherine and Michael!

  115. Mary Buzzetta says:

    My vote is for Mary-Catherine McClain and Michael Riner! They are a beautiful couple, and bring out the best in one another. Their engagement pictures were stunning too :)

  116. crystal says:

    ginny & rony!

  117. Ron white says:

    I vote Destiny and Daniel.I love them cause they are a great couple

  118. Audra says:

    I vote for MC and Michael!

  119. Natalie Walker says:

    I need to give a shout out to my sister in the bonds, Mary Catherine McClain. She deserves everything wonderful that life has to offer!

  120. Rachel bantly says:

    Destiny Cross

  121. Alexandria L says:

    Daniel and Destiny bc they really really want this awsome canvas!!

  122. Nikki Watkins says:

    Destiny & Daniel

  123. Nick L says:

    Destiny and Daniel!

  124. Krystal Rollins says:

    Im voting for Destiny and Daniel! Such a beautiful couple!!!

  125. Rebecca Tah says:

    Mary Catherine McClain and Matthew Reiner! No one deserves it more than this girl!

  126. Eleanor says:

    I’m voting for Michael and Mary-Catherine. The photos you took of them capture perfectly the sweetness and purity of their relationship. As they build a life and home together I think it would be wonderful for them to have a beautiful photograph canvas reminder of these precious days when they were anticipating their wedding.

  127. Denise Martocci says:

    I vote for Daniel and Destiny because they are a sweet couple

  128. Matt Orr says:

    Destiny and Daniel Whitmire

  129. DESTINY says:

    In true bride forgetful moment I didn’t vote on my comment so here it is….of course I vote me and Daniel cause we are awesome

  130. Bonnie says:

    I vote for Drstiny and Daniel

  131. Tara Cash says:

    I vote for Destiny and Daniel! They’re such a cute couple I know Destiny is going to be a lovely bride!

  132. Renee Carman says:

    I vote for Destiny and Daniel! Destiny works so hard and gives so much to everyone she definitely deserves a prize!

  133. Kirstin Pace says:

    I vote for Destiny Cross and Daniel!! I love this couple! They’re both so sweet and kind. They are perfect for each other!

  134. Jason Lange says:

    I vote Daniel and Destiny

  135. Tiffany says:

    I vote for destiny and Daniel. They are the craziest, dorkiest couple ever. They are great together Love those guys.

  136. Linny Cruz says:

    Destiny and Daniel should get everyone vote love those Guys

  137. Kuntry says:

    I vote for destiny and Daniel destiny is very sweet and I think they both deserve something very special as thing on their special day :)

  138. Amy says:

    i vote for Destiny & Daniel. The pictures you took capture the essence of their partnership & I would love them to have this memory.

  139. Rhonda says:

    Destiny and Daniels pics are beautiful. But then the bride is the most beautiful bride I know lol. The pics brought out their love is amazing ways.

  140. Brittany Joslyn says:

    MC McClain and Michael…because their pictures are phenomenal! =)

  141. Brawny says:

    Destiny & Daniel!!

  142. Bill Whitmire says:

    I vote for Daniel whitmire and Destiny Cross

  143. Katie says:

    I’m voting for MC and Michael!

  144. brian says:

    MC and michael. Because MC was a sorority sister to my wife and i have it in good authority that she is an amazing individual

  145. Leslie says:

    MC and Michael because your photos of them show their genuine love for.each other.

  146. Tim Whitmire says:

    Destiny Cross & Daniel Whitmire

  147. Kerri Carter says:

    Destiny Cross and Daniel Whitmire! Their engagement pictures are beautiful and I can’t wait to see their wedding pictures. I love you both!

  148. Nancy Whitmire says:

    i vote for Daniel Whitmire and Destiny Cross because they are a wonderful couple and I want them to win.

  149. Juan Martinez says:

    I vote for my step daughter/brat Destiny Cross and Daniel Whitmire. I love them because she let me be her Dad, when she said she didn’t need a dad I love Daniel because he loves her and Alex, and I’m sure he will be a great husband and continue to care for them both.

  150. Michelle Williams says:

    I vote for Destiny and Daniel!!!!!!! They have such a unique and strong bond….your pictures really brought this to light!!!Love it! !

  151. Krystal says:

    Destiny and Daniel! Amazing couple!

  152. Katie Redd says:

    I vote for Destiny and Daniel!

  153. Katie Redd says:

    Destiny and Daniel! Destiny is in my DGroup and she is awesome!

  154. Libby W says:

    My vote is for Mary Catherine and Michael Riner! MC is one of the nicest, most outgoing people I know, and she definitely deserves this! So cute!

  155. Cameron Harris says:

    MC and MICHAEL!!!

  156. Ray Bantly says:

    Destiny and Daniel! Pick these two love birds because not only do they desrve it, but it would be great marketing…..

  157. Sandrine says:

    I vote for Mary-Catherine and Michael!! They are the sweetest, most loving couple I have met in a long time; their love truly exudes from their beautiful engagement pictures.

  158. Amanda says:

    I vote for MaryCatherine and Michael. The pictures are as beautiful as MC is on the inside!!

  159. Marlene & Frankie McClain says:

    Our vote is for Mary-Catherine and Michael, my daughter and future son-in-law. The pictures demonstrate how much they love each other and I know Mary-Catherine would love a canvass in her new home!!

  160. Caitlin says:

    I vote for MaryCatherine and Michael! No one deserves it more than MC!

  161. Irene Swink says:

    I would like Brad and Karen Summer to win the canvas photo….I am bias…Brad is my nephew…a very sweet young man…. you can just look at them as a couple …and you see a couple truly in love and dedicated to each other.

  162. Kathy says:

    Destiny & Daniel

  163. Tanya Stewart says:

    Destiny Cross she’s so sweet and loving

  164. Peggy Cross says:

    Voting for Destiny Cross and Daniel Whitmire. They are such a cute couple, I am so excited for them! Hope they win this awesome canvas!

  165. Peggy Cross says:

    Voting for Destiny Cross & Daniel Whitmire, they are a cute couple who would love to win your awesome canvas

  166. Tommy Cross says:

    Destiny Cross good luck cuz love y’all

  167. Grace Yunis says:

    MC and Michael! MC is one of the most caring and thoughtful people that I have ever known. She deserves it!

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