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May 21, 2015

A Wedding in Montmartre

It’s no secret that Paris is one of my favorite places on the planet.  And I’m already giddy at the prospect of taking Catherine there one day!  But that’s an entirely different blog post :-)

Inside of Paris is a little neighborhood that sits on top of a hill called Montmartre.  It’s full of tourists in certain places, but it’s my favorite area in the city to get lost.  The neighborhood itself is full of side streets and picturesque apartments with flower boxes and overgrown ivy.  The last time we were there, it was the day before Ben and I returned home from our honeymoon, and it was drizzling ever so slightly, which just added to the romance of it all.

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/parishoneymoon

What I can’t stop thinking about though is how amazing it would be to wander these same streets – and even find some new ones – with a bride and groom!  The streets alone are romantic enough, but adding in a couple dressed in wedding attire has my heart racing with excitement!

In 2009, I had a day in Paris all to myself.  I’d been there several times before but never alone and never with zero plans.  My goal that day was to see how I could see Paris differently and I loved what I saw.  I had time to stop and just look.  I had the freedom to wander any and everywhere.  And as a wedding photographer in love with the city, it would be a dream come true to be able to do that again, but this time with a couple who love each other deeply and richly.


My mind is exploding with ideas and dreams, so if you know of anyone looking to get married in Paris, if you know of anyone looking for a photographer that adores this city and documenting love, then send them our way!  Photographing a wedding in Paris is on our dream list and we can’t wait to see that dream come true!

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