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September 6, 2018

Aiden Jackson | Fresh48 Newborn Session | Patewood Medical Center

I’m not sure what the deal has been with these babies this summer, but they have all come early!  Even my two with scheduled c-sections decided to come before they were “supposed” to.  But, like friends have pointed out in the past, it’s like getting bonus time with these sweet little ones.  And there is nothing wrong with that!

Aiden did just what my own Isabella did.  His c-section was actually scheduled for yesterday, but last week, Courtney started having regular contractions and at 6:40am they were looking at his adorable little face!

I loved getting to meet him later that afternoon for a Fresh48 session, especially since big brother and both sets of grandparents were there.

Courtney and Turner, you have two completely adorable little boys!  And it may take a while, but Asa will warm up and (hopefully) they’ll be inseparable soon enough :-)

Those lips!  And that little smirk!!

This completely candid photo with both granddads makes my heart so happy.

Courtney, you are just so beautiful. Pregnancy and mommy-hood look GOOD on you!

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