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June 26, 2017

An Internship | Siobhan Margaret

It was really just Siobhan (as she would say, it’s pronounced like “shove on”) who was my intern for a couple months, but with as much as she talked about Anthony and as much as he invests in her, sometimes it seemed like they were both interning with me :-)  But Anthony lives and works in New York City and when an opportunity arose for Siobhan to move up there for a job, (and not be in a long-distance relationship anymore!) she couldn’t pass it up.  Which meant that my second intern only lasted a super short time!

But I loved having her around.  Not only is she super eager to learn anything and everything she can about photography, but she’s kind, genuine, funny and she bakes.  Which meant she brought me delicious cupcakes (win!).  I’m still sad that she’s up in NYC but I know she’s following exactly what God wants her to do and I can’t wait to see how He continues to work in her.

The weekend before she moved, Anthony came down to help her load the truck and drive up with her.  Thankfully we had about 45 minutes one afternoon so I could meet him, get a few photos of the two of them and get some head shots for Siobhan.  She’s NYC’s newest photographer and along with her gorgeous new haircut, she needed some photos of herself for her website and social media!  You can follow her on Instagram HERE.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our little session and wish her well as she finds new adventures in NYC!

SabrinaFields-Intern-114 SabrinaFields-Intern-115

Seriously, isn’t she the cutest??

SabrinaFields-Intern-116 SabrinaFields-Intern-117

She easily laughs at most things, but Anthony draws smiles out of her that no one else can!

SabrinaFields-Intern-101 SabrinaFields-Intern-102 SabrinaFields-Intern-103 SabrinaFields-Intern-104 SabrinaFields-Intern-105 SabrinaFields-Intern-106 SabrinaFields-Intern-107 SabrinaFields-Intern-108 SabrinaFields-Intern-109 SabrinaFields-Intern-110 SabrinaFields-Intern-111 SabrinaFields-Intern-112

You two are the cutest!


If you’re interested in a fall 2017 internship, I’d love to chat with you!
Please email me at sabrina@sabrinafields.com.

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