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July 21, 2016

Ann Hughston + Win | A Highlands, NC Engagement

Couples like this make my job SO much fun!  Not only are they in love and excited to be getting married this fall, but they genuinely just enjoy being with each other!  Plus, Win is hilarious and kept all of us laughing throughout their session, so smiles were not hard to come by for these two whatsoever.

They met while cooking dinner with their Sunday School class at the Ronald McDonald House last summer and according to Ann Hughston, he was so impressed by her lettuce chopping/shredding skills that he asked her out on their first date for later that week.  He picked her up at her house, took her to dinner, and because they talked so much at the restaurant, they didn’t actually eat very much.  They continued talking so much when they left that they even missed out on getting ice cream!

Ten months later, they were celebrating her birthday by hiking and then going out for dinner.  Well, Win planned things so well that when he went to get his change of clothes from his car, he intentionally locked himself out of her house so she would have to come and open the door for him.  But when she opened the door, she found him down on one knee with the most beautiful ring and he asked her to marry him.  I’m pretty sure she will NEVER forget this birthday!!

You guys, I had SO much fun hanging out with you in the Highlands for your engagement photos.  I’m so thankful you chose such a special place for these and I’m even more thankful that the rain stopped just in time for our session!  Not to mention that the temperature was in the low 70s… in July :-)

Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-101 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-102 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-104 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-103 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-105 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-106 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-107 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-108 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-109 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-110

It was a little more tricky than I intended for it to be for them to get over to that spot, but I think it was worth it!

Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-111 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-112 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-113 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-114 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-115 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-116

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a location look so beautiful and GREEN in the middle of the summer!  It was perfect!

Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-117 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-118 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-119 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-120 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-121 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-122 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-123

We went back to her parent’s mountain house so they could change outfits before we headed downtown, but I asked if we could get a few photos there before we left… Ann Hughston has been coming to this same house since she was little and the first time Win came with her, they’d only been dating a few weeks!

Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-124 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-125 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-126 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-127

Once we made it into downtown, it did not disappoint!  This little white church was perfection!

Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-128 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-129 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-130 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-131 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-132 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-133 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-134 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-135 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-136 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-137

Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-138 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-139 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-140 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-141

And I’m going to end with this one because it sums up the session and their relationship so well!
I’m so excited for you guys and the adventure you’re about to begin.  My hope is that you never stop laughing together!


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