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August 12, 2014

Ashley + Clay | Grace Church, Downtown Greenville

When we arrived at Ashley’s house, it was full of smiles and excitement that August 9 was really here!  For the longest time they’d been talking about this day and everything that they needed to get done and everything they wanted to have happen… and the day had finally arrived.  Ashley, her bridesmaids, and her parents were so calm and full of smiles that unless you knew something big was happening, you would have thought they were just having some of Ashley’s friends over for the weekend.  Ashley’s only question was why they had scheduled the ceremony so late in the day because they seemed to have SO much time!  But, that’s just the way I like wedding days… ones where there is plenty of time so that the bride and groom and their families can really soak in every moment of the day.

As we headed to the church, I checked the weather one more time and there was indeed a storm moving our way.  But I think we were all praying it would hold off at least for a bit! And you know what?  It did.  We finished up all of the wedding party photos and some family photos before the rain started blowing onto the top porch of the church!  But Clay’s family was as laid back as he is and even though the rain cut into our time with them, they took it all in stride and smiled and laughed through it all. By the time we had everyone tucked away to eat a light dinner before the ceremony, the sun was already peaking out again and blue skies and white clouds provided the perfect backdrop as guests began to arrive.

The rest of the day was amazing.  The ceremony was full of Christ and how much Ashley and Clay have devoted their lives to him.  And as they laughed and teared up during the message and their vows, they sealed their new covenant with a kiss and DANCED up the aisle as husband and wife!

Ashley and Clay… words cannot express how thrilled we are for you both and this new adventure that you have just embarked on.  We hope you are having the time of your lives down on St. John’s!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your first day as husband and wife and spending such special moments with your friends (and ours) and your families!  Much love, sabrina

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-101 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-102 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-103 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-104 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-105

If you remember from their engagement session, Pride & Prejudice has played a roll in their relationship, so they tied the coffee and old book theme into their wedding. The script font on their invitations (which Ashley designed!) is actually called Jane Austin.  And the only reason I know that is because I use it on my website too!  Love it!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-106 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-107 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-108 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-109

There were flowers in Ashley’s bouquet made from the pages of Pride & Prejudice.  Just amazing!


I was so in love with her bouquet!



Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-112 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-113

Ben found this jar in Ashley’s parents’ house… it was filled with rocks for things they had prayed for over the years. And it included one just with Clay’s name on it and the month and year of Ashley and Clay’s first date.



When we arrived at the church and went to find the guys, they were hard at work getting Clay ready!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-115 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-116 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-118 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-117



Why yes… my husband DID get this amazing shot of Clay, thankyouverymuch.

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-119 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-121-2

Oh my goodness… I have several shots like this of Ashley and her mom from the day.  And each time it brought tears to my eyes!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-122 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-123 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-124 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-125

I love when Ben is able to get shots like this!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-126 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-127

And have I mentioned yet how much I love this deep peacock color??

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-128 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-129 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-130 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-131 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-132 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-133

Two of my most favorite portraits from the day.


These guys were cracking me up!  And it was like the rain in the background didn’t even exist.

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-135 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-136 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-137

THIS is why I love summer storms!  Look at those clouds!


Clay and Ashley had guests sign these rocks… to begin their own jar in their home!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-139 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-140 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-141 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-142 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-143 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-144 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-145 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-146 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-147 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-148 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-149 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-150



I laughed as they danced their way up the aisle!  It was amazing!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-152 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-153 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-154

And these photos just moments after saying I Do?  There was SO much love and SO much joy!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-155 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-156 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-157 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-158 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-159 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-160 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-161 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-162 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-163

Hand in hand for the rest of their days…

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-164 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-165 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-166 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-167 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-168 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-169 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-170 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-171

Another reason we were thankful the rain stopped?  The wedding party walked through downtown to the reception!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-172 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-173

Which allowed us to stop for less than a minute to get shots like this…

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-174 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-175

On your wedding day, you get free Starbucks.  And since their reception was coffee/dessert/book themed, this stop was a must!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-176 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-177 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-178 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-179 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-180 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-181 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-182 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-183 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-184 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-185 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-186 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-187 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-188 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-189 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-190 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-191 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-192 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-193 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-194 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-195 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-196 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-197 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-198

I LOVE it when couples not only value photography but trust me to capture them as they are. Their reception was fairly short, but the 10 minutes (or less) that we spend outside for these night portraits was completely worth it!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-199 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-200 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-201 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-202

These next two pictures are some of my favorites from the night. We took a similar one like this at Bess’s wedding a few weeks ago of these girls who were in d-group together in high school.


And since we didn’t get this shot at Bess’s wedding, I told them it was a must this time… three of my brides at three of their weddings within 6 months of each other!  Love them!

Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-204 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-205 Jane-Austin-Inspired-Wedding-206

So thankful for everyone that made this day as wonderful as it was!
Ceremony | Grace Church, Downtown Campus
Reception | The Loft at Falls Park
Ceremony Coordinator | Farrah Redmon
Reception Coordinator | Candy Smith
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Hair & Makeup Artist | Kimberly Cirilo
Florals | Paige McCarty
DJ | Wade Turner
Wedding Invitations | the bride!
Cake | Jackie DelGiorno
Catering | The Loft at Falls Park

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