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October 26, 2012

Birthday Week Giveaway | Day 5 | TOMS Shoes

Welp, it’s here.  As you’re reading this I’m in the process of upgrading to version 3.3 of Sabrina (it just sounds better than saying that I’m turning 33! Although it makes me sound a little more geeky too…).  I know I can get a little out of hand leading up to my birthday each year, so in order to give myself a reality check and to realize that it actually ISN’T all about me, this week has been about giving back.  I’ve been able to introduce you guys to some companies you may not have heard of as well as given some of you gifts (which is SO MUCH FUN!), which has allowed us to give back to the people the companies are supporting.  It’s seriously been a win-win-win kind of week and I hope you guys have enjoyed it!

My amazing husband started my day off in the most amazing way… he insisted I sleep in this morning.  But that was actually giving him time to get up, get ready, to WASH THE DISHES AND MAKE ME BREAKFAST IN BED!!!! Um, he’s awesome.  And I’m officially the luckiest girl in the world :-)

Sadly, a part of being a grownup is having to work.  But the best part about that is today is devoted to work that doesn’t feel like work!  I get to edit pictures of some wonderful people, work on blogs for next week and then meet with a bride this afternoon.  To think that I get to do something that doesn’t even feel like work just blows me away.  And I couldn’t be more thankful!

Now, onto the important stuff!  This part of these posts is always so much fun because by the time I type their name here, I’ve already seen their name pop up and am already so excited to announce it!  So, Leah Pinckney, you get to choose an item of your choice from Out of Print Clothing!  YAY!!!  I’ll touch base with you soon to place your order!

Today’s giveaway might be the one I’m MOST excited about.  Some friends of mine introduced me to TOMS a couple of years ago and when I finally bought my own pair, I immediately wanted another… although I have  yet to actually purchase them.  Have you SEEN their website??  It’s close to impossible to choose just one pair.  But I love their hearts, I love their mission, and I love what they’re doing.  I’ve been in places where the children walk around barefoot everywhere they go.  I’ve seen children with shoes that are too small and they’re falling apart and they’d almost be better going barefoot.  I’ve seen friends outline the feet of children and go buy them shoes that will fit so they can stay healthy and it’s just moves my heart to see people caring so much about others and not so much about themselves.

One of the things my husband and I walked through in our premarital sessions was about saying YES more than we say no.  And what I mean by that is the more we say yes to requests or favors or help that the other needs, the more fulfilling our marriage and lives will actually be.  So, even if one (or both) of us come home from a tough day at work and we choose to still say yes to helping with something, or going to run an errand, or whatever it may be… our relationship actually gets stronger than if our response was, “No, I had a really hard day and all I want to do is sit on the couch.”  And the coolest part about that is to watch it spill into other areas of our lives.  We LOVE helping out when and where we can.  It doesn’t always work to help with everything, but when we can, the sacrifice of an evening alone together or going to bed early because we’re tired ends up being SO worth it.

So, what in the world does that have to do with today’s giveaway??  Well, it has to do with this entire week of giveaways.  It’s not possible to ALWAYS help others.  But, as others have helped us and me and this business along the way, I want to help others.  I wanted to give back.  I wanted to say thank you… to ALL of you.  There is no way I could be doing this at all if not for those of you who read this  blog, who have encouraged me along the way, who have asked me for sessions, who have talked me through the tears and frustrations and the seasons of wanting to give up.

So, today is all about TOMS shoes.  Most of you know about them, have heard about them or even own a pair (or several!) of your own.  But, whatever level of knowledge you have about them, you need to watch this video… because it’s precious!

It’s super simple.  And it’s helping so many children have SHOES for their bare feet!  And we get to donate a pair today by purchasing and giving away a pair right here.

These are mine that I’ve had for over two years now. And I love them.  And they still photograph well ;-)

Most of you are used to the entry form by now, but all you need to do is click on the box below for several ways to enter.  And, as tough as it may be to wait, I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday!

The winner will get to choose a pair of classics from the TOMS website (men’s are here and women’s are here)!  And even if you don’t win, you should still check out the site and maybe go ahead and order a pair.  Just think… you’re not just buying a pair of shoes, you’re buying TWO pairs of shoes and one pair will be going on some precious feet that are probably smaller than your own. So, enter below, spread the word, and good luck!

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Happy Friday!!

  1. Ashley says:

    The best birthday gift I ever received was tickets to see WICKED on tour with my mom. It was amazing! :)

  2. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday to my fabulous friend!! Love the giveaway!!

  3. Ashley says:

    I hope you’re having an amazing birthday week Sabrina, happy happy birthday! I miss getting to see you around the office and share my Rasinets with you, haha :)

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh, and my favorite birthday gift was getting my ears pierced as a surprise on my 12th!

  5. JJ Knight says:

    Love this blog!

  6. Ginny says:

    my grandmother’s necklace, which my grandfather gave her for their 40th wedding anniversary!

  7. JJ knight says:

    And my favorite birthday gift was this year! My husband for me the puppy I have wanted and been waiting for my entire life!!!

  8. Shellie says:

    The best birthday gifts I received is having Esteban two days after my Birthday and Gabriel one day after my birthday. It is special because I think that even when they are grown and away from home our birthdays being all close together will bring us back together for celebrations.

  9. Ashley says:

    This year my cousin was born on my birthday! Pretty awesome! :)

  10. Carly Caldwell says:

    My sweet puppy was the best present ever!

  11. Jenn Davis says:

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Sabrina,
    Happy birthday to you!

  12. Dayna says:

    Best present ever – a locket my daughter picked out so I could carry pictures of her and her sister and “remember me all the time – even when I am not there.” Happy Birthday Sabrina! Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day of celebration.

  13. Joanna says:

    This year Ben got me the entire Friends series!!

  14. Ashley Post says:

    Happy Birthday! Toms! Great blog post!

  15. Anne says:

    For my 30th birthday my close girlfriends from HS and I traveled to Nashville, TN to celebrate. Nothing like country music, cowboy boots, and laughter to ring in the next decade!

  16. jodi says:

    Happy happy happy birthday! hope it’s the best yet!

    my fave gift?? roses and hydrangeas for our garden!

  17. Sara says:

    My favorite birthday gift was a label maker. And I still love it!

  18. Sarah Diggins says:

    Happy birthday hottie! Love you!

    Best birthday present ever… Uhh for my 17th birthday I got my first guitar. And it was amazing. :)

  19. Sarah K says:

    Either getting my ears pierced or getting my braces off on my birthday!

  20. A trip to Vienna, Austria!

  21. Grac says:

    I have heard about toms my roommate loves them, but I have yet to obtain any although it is great to know that in getting a pair i can give a pair to someone in need.

  22. Grace Custer says:

    So failed at answering the actual question. Favorite birthday present a 1992 Red Dodge Dakota from my Dad for my 17th birthday. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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