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February 12, 2014

Camera Bags | The Libby by Kelly Moore

Today is actually a snow day for us… we’re supposed to get close to a foot by tomorrow, which is crazy!!  I’m just praying our power will stay on since our fire place doesn’t work and we don’t have any fire wood anyway.  So I hope everyone will stay safe and warm today!

Picking out handbags is like picking out clothes for me… it’s awful!  Don’t get me wrong, I love handbags and clothes both.  But they’re each one of those things where I wish I could just hire a personal shopper to just get it all for me each season!

But when it comes to camera bags??  Oh man, I have a serious problem!  I love them and I would shop for them all day every day if Ben would let me have as many as I would like!  But alas, it seems there are other things we need to spend our hard earned funds on… like food.  Go figure!

But for Christmas, my amazing husband gave me a $50 gift certificate towards a new Kelly Moore bag.  I’d been saying for a little while that I needed one a little bigger than my Hobo I’d bought several years ago and kept looking at one bag in particular because it was big enough to travel with.  And with some of the planes we get on these days, not all of them are big enough for our rolling Think Tank bag that holds so much of our equipment.  So, I needed something that I could carry on with me that would fit most, if not all, of what I would need for a wedding day.

So, introducing the newest camera bag to my collection… this is Libby (the fact that she came in orange may or may not have influenced my decision).

All of the pockets are glorious!

With as big as this bag is and as much as it can hold, it actually gets heavy really quickly.  So, I use the shoulder strap more often than not.

My only complaint about this bag are the front pockets and their zippers.  The pockets themselves are too tight and the zippers are too thick to actually use them much.
I think if the zippers were thinner and the pockets poked out a little more, then I wouldn’t come out with scratches on my hand each time I tried to retrieve something from them.

And guess what… the inside is PURPLE!  It’s the perfect Clemson camera bag!
It actually comes with a couple more dividers that I don’t use, but they’re there if I need them!  The other thing not showing is a strip/cover that can lay on top of the dividers.  It’s really nice when traveling because it covers and adds a little more protection for my gear while giving me some extra space to lay a book, scarf or my wallet.

And here’s how everything fits!  That’s a 17 inch MacBook Pro at the top.
Then, from left to right is my 70-200mm, a SB-900 flash, my 85mm next to it, a D800 with a 50mm attached, and then my 14-24mm.

Ben also has his own bag which I’ll blog about later, but if we’re both carrying on equipment for a flight, this lets me take all that I need.  And actually, I can offload a lens or two to him so that my bag isn’t QUITE so heavy!  I just wanted to fill it up so you could see how much it could hold!

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