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June 13, 2017

Charles David | Fresh48 | St. Francis Eastside

I first met Katie and Buck through serving in student ministry at our church with high school students.  And after traveling to Peru with them and a couple dozen of said high school students, I quickly realized they were some of my favorite people to be around.  They’re low-key, down to earth, have a gift for drawing people to them, and they’re funny (in a dry humor but let’s have all sorts of fun kind of way)!  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re both Clemson grads too :-)

So when Katie emailed me in the fall about getting some photos of their newest baby who was due in June, I was super excited!  Her biggest thing was that photos of their other kids meeting the new baby was more important than photos of the actual birth, especially since this was their 6th (who ended up being born on the 6th day of the 6th month – June 6)!!  God worked things out in so many ways and I was thrilled to be able to be there… watching their kiddos come into the room, find out that it was a boy, and fawn over him was making my heart explode!  And I think yours might too as you look at these photos.

Congrats, you guys!!  Your clan is amazing and I’m so excited for all of you!


I left these two in color because of the sign… they wanted their kids to know first (aside from the nurses and doctors of course) whether it was a boy or a girl so they put this on the door and the kids found out when they came in the room that they had another brother!

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-102 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-103 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-104 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-105 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-106

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-107 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-108

This one is my favorite!  All 5 siblings checking out their baby brother.


With grandma and mom looking on and taking their own photos and video :-)


This is now the next to youngest, saying hi to Charlie!


Immediately all the kids wanted to hold him so the oldest went first.

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-112 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-113 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-114 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-115

Oh my gosh, I love this one too!


But then there’s this one!  How precious are they??

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-117 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-118 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-119

Ok, I love all the photos.  These kids are so amazing!

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-120 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-121 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-122 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-123

Katie with her two baby boys.

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-124 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-125 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-126 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-127

This new big brother did NOT want to let his baby go :-)  It was so sweet!

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-128 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-129 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-130 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-131 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-132 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-133 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-134 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-135 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-136 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-137 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-138 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-139 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-140

I asked Katie for a photo of her and her 4 boys.  We tried for a “everyone look at the camera and smile” photo, but this is what we ended up with… and I’d say it’s perfect!


The main photo Katie wanted from the beginning was one of all of the kids feet.  So when we had them all lined up and ready to go, Katie pointed out that there were 60 toes right there.  60!  That definitely put things in a different perspective!


Here’s to 6 kiddos (and teaching the younger ones how to hold up 6 fingers) ;-)


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  1. These are fantastic photos! You did a really nice job capturing the moment and the sweet faces of joy. Beautiful!

  2. judy buckingham says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of our #13 grandchild Such a blessing Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments

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