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June 6, 2014

Katie + David | Clemson University Engagement Session

They met ages ago through their homeschool co-op.  Once a week several students who were being taught at home would gather for different lessons or activities and Katie and David became friends.  Little did she know that she also became David’s first crush!  But as they entered high school, their relationship never went past friendship.

As they graduated and went to different colleges – he to Clemson, she to Bob Jones – they lost touch as people often do.  But God had other plans, big plans.  They both graduated and Katie began her work as a nurse and David went on to seminary in Mississippi.  He eventually took a job as a youth pastor in Atlanta but some of his students weren’t just any students.  They were kids that had grown up going on vacation where they stayed in a house next to where Katie’s family would stay on vacation.  This past summer, after days of them talking about David to Katie and bringing him up any chance they could, she decided to email him.  As a friend.  Just to see how he was doing.  And the next time he was in Greenville, they decided to meet up for dinner.

With him living in Atlanta and about to move to Philadelphia, neither thought this would be anything more than dinner with an old friend.  But after catching up over the past 8 years during a two and a half hour dinner, David asked for her number and permission to call her again.

After many hours on the phone and many visits back and forth, it didn’t take either of them too long to realize that this was their person… the person that God had intended for them all along.  So back in February during one of Katie’s visits to Philly, David took her on a tour of his school and his life up there… and at the end of it, he asked if she would join him.  As his wife.

Getting to spend time with these two is like several breaths of fresh air!  Yes, they are adorable, but they are fun and funny!  But best of all, they’re real.  Katie, I have LOVED getting to know you over the last several months and was so excited to finally meet David during your engagement session!  You guys are amazing and not only can I not wait for your wedding at the end of the month, but I can’t wait to see how God uses you when you’re husband and wife!

With David being a Clemson Alum and several members of Katie’s family having also attended, we decided an evening in Clemson would be the perfect spot.
And you guys know that I did NOT disagree with that!

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-101 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-102 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-103

Katie, you are just beautiful!

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-104 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-105 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-106 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-107 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-108

And I know I said it a hundred times, but now I’m telling the world… y’all are ADORABLE!

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-109 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-110 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-111 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-112

The day that he proposed, David also bought this scarf for Katie… as a momento from the day she said yes.
And it was a beautiful backdrop for her gorgeous ring!


This one is SO THEM.  Full of laughter and nose wrinkling smiles!

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-114 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-115 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-116 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-117

Katie, there is no doubt that you are beautiful, but it’s a beautiful thing to watch how much David adores you.

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-118 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-119 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-120 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-121 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-122 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-123 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-124

The thing about Clemson is that even 15 years after I first set foot on campus, I’m still finding amazing nooks and crannies that make me love that place more.

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-125 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-126 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-127

Katie and David are both travelers (no wonder we’re all such a good fit!) and Katie got this necklace on one of her adventures.  I love it!

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-128 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-129 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-130 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-131 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-132

Dear Clemson… you never disappoint me.

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-133 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-134 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-135

Oh this light… it was divine!


A FAVORITE for sure!


You guys BOTH have the best smiles!!

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-138 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-139 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-140 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-141 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-142

Most of their time spent together usually ends up with coffee in their hands… so we ended our session doing just that.

Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-143 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-144 Fun-Clemson-Engagement-Photos-145

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