February 6, 2017

Coleman Reese | Atlanta Birth Photographer | Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Amy called me around 4:30am on Saturday, January 28 to say her water had broken and they were heading to the hospital.  I was excited for them but had torn emotions because my last wedding before maternity leave was that day too!  Amy had known that from the beginning though and since they’ve been in front of my camera so much in the last year and a half, she and Andrew were so understanding of whatever needed to happen.  But she promised to keep me up to date on everything going on.

The doctor actually sent them home later that morning for her to labor at home because contractions hadn’t fully started yet and she would be so much more comfortable in her own bed… and where she could eat!  I told her to try and rest as best she could and to let me know when they were on their way back to the hospital.

Later that evening, she sent me a text that they were back at the hospital and staying put until they had a baby, doctor’s orders :-)  But she hadn’t progressed much even though contractions were stronger so we decided we’d both try and rest and check in the following morning.

At 4:10am, she texted me that not much had changed but it had almost been 24 hours so she wasn’t sure if a c-section was in her future or not.  Her “birth plan” was to get the baby here safely so she was ok with whatever needed to be done.  Since this was the case, I decided to head on down and left my house around 5am and arrived at the hospital just after 7am.


Thankfully, the most important outfit was ready to be worn!  Go Tigers!!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-102 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-103 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-104 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-105 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-106 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-107 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-108 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-109 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-110 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-111 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-112 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-113

Turns out her water had not completely broken the morning before and the baby was doing perfectly fine where he was, so the doctor let her continue to labor through the morning.  Around 9am, she was 3cm and as soon as they fully broke her water, she immediately went to 4cm.  The next hour was fully of pressure and contractions… little did we know that Reese was working hard to make his way into the world because when Amy was checked an hour later, she was at 10cm!

NONE of us could believe it.  Not even the doctors and nurses! Most of us had made guesses that Reese would join us early to mid-afternoon.  But it wasn’t even noon yet!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-114 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-115 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-116 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-117 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-118 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-119 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-120 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-121 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-122

Amy and Andrew’s families were there and it was time to start pushing.

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-123 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-124 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-125 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-126

The best thing a mama in labor can have is an amazing support system.  And Andrew was EXACTLY that.  He was so encouraging and loving and never left her side.  He knew exactly what to tell her to encourage her to keep going and Amy was a rock star!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-127 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-128 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-129 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-130 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-131 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-132 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-133 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-134

After 25 minutes of pushing… Coleman Reese was born at 12:15pm.


While Amy and Andrew were overwhelmed with emotion, I was trying to hold back my own sobs.
And doing a really bad job with it!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-136 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-137 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-138 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-139 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-140 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-141 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-142 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-143 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-144 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-145

So many favorites, but this is at the top.

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-146 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-147 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-148 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-149 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-150 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-151 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-152 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-153 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-154 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-155 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-156

9lbs 7oz of cuteness!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-157 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-158 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-159 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-160 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-161

Insert ALL the heart eyed emojis right here…

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-162 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-163 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-164 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-165

Daddy had some skin-to-skin time before Reese met the rest of his family.

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-166 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-167

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-168 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-169 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-170

The grandmas were over the moon!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-171 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-172 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-173 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-174 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-175 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-176

And we all started crying again when Amy’s twin sister arrived :-)

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-177 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-178 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-179 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-180

Aunt Sarah was over the moon and immediately in love!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-181 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-182 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-183 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-184

Andrew with two of his three brothers (the other one was on his way!).


But he and his wife made it :-)


High fives from Andrew’s dad are so rare that something really big has to happen…. like getting married or having a baby :-)
So two high fives were given last Sunday!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-187 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-188

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