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June 8, 2012

Davis + Matt | Charleston Wedding Photographer

She was sitting in a chair getting her hair curled and her make-up done with her friends and bridesmaids around her.  Every so often, someone would ask her a question or someone would pop in to say hi.  She smiled as she got a text from a friend who was excited for her.  And every once in a while she would hold her stomach and take a deep breath.  There were a few nerves, but a lot more excitement.  Davis was getting to marry the love of her life today.

Matt and the guys were hanging out in a room about 100 yards away from where the girls were getting ready.  After getting ready (in what seemed like record time), they hung out, played Rock Band, and ate some lunch.  But it wasn’t too much longer before Matt was walking downstairs to get into place to see his bride.

Davis and Matt, your love is so pure and genuine.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me into your lives in order to capture your love as you began your life together as one.  I hope your last several days in Cancun are amazing!

Davis and Matt were married at the lovely Church at Life Park in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Davis’s grandfather called her “Daisy” growing up, so her love for him and the flowers were incorporated in every part of the day.

The tables inside the church had a raised glass top, so underneath the glass of each one, there were several daisies and pictures of Davis and Matt.

It’s definitely a southern wedding when “y’all” is incorporated in the decor. I love this!

The lovely Behie did an incredible job on Davis’s hair and make-up.

Davis, you are so thoughtful AND creative!!  How sweet of you to sew this onto Matt’s tie!

Ben snagged this picture of Matt while he was waiting for Davis to come down.

And this, my friends, is why I love First Looks.  Ben’s image on the left, mine on the right.

This kind of reaction doesn’t happen at the end of the aisle!

Oh my word… you two.

Ben’s image…

My image…

Davis… oh my heavens… you are just gorgeous.

Davis, your faith is such an encouragement to me and so many others.

And then… it was time.

Ben captured the image of Davis on the right just before she came down the aisle.  It’s stunning!

When I first met Davis, she said how much she would have loved to get married in a field of daisies… but there wasn’t time to plant a full field at her grandfather’s.
This was an excellent plan B :-)

In the New Testament, Jesus washes his disciple’s feet to demonstrate what a servant leader looks like.
Davis and Matt decided that as a representation of that and their desire to serve each other in their marriage, they would wash each others’ feet during the ceremony.
It was such a beautiful moment.


Y’all nailed the model faces and poses!!

I think this was the moment when Jennifer was talking about Davis “skipping” into their dorm room freshman year to tell her about meeting Matt :-)

For those of you not from the south, South Carolina’s state dance is The Shag. So it was only fitting that Davis and Matt shagged to Everything by Michael Buble for their first dance.

And then, their caterer surprised them with a Clemson Candy Buffet!

After some dancing, we snuck outside for a few more portraits before sunset.

Before we knew it, it was time for the last dance.

Davis and Matt exited with well wishes and excitement from their friends and family as they tossed daisy petals at them!

  1. Ashley Post says:

    Sabrina! You and Ben captured the day so beautifully!

  2. katie yuen says:

    What a sweet and truly meaningful wedding! I loved all of the personal details Davis & Matt added! And seeing Ben’s work right next to yours is awesome! I’m hoping Andrew can be my second shooter someday ;)

  3. karen swoap says:

    Wow! Sabrina! These pictures are beautiful! You certainly know how to capture the love, fun and life weddings! Davis and Matt will have wonderful memories because of your selective eys!

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